How to unlock all cups and characters in F-Zero GX

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what's up guys it's wolf here and today

I'll be playing some f-zero GX it's a

game for the Nintendo GameCube it is

extremely rare you will almost never

find it nowadays unless you're 100%

lucky and if you do find it it'll be

arranged around from 40 to 70 dollars or

you could just go on the internet and

find it for whoever the hell is selling

it now for those who are watching that

have played this game you would know

that there is only three difficulties

but you'd have to unlock the last one

which is master now you see that I've

beaten ruby sapphire emerald diamond on

novice standard expert master but if you

have noticed that there is one more Cup

that you have to unlock it is the ax cup

and that's beating everything on master

now we're gonna go to the shop items

there you go custom parts alright I

thought I unlocked something and I

didn't get okay and that you just saw

that I unlocked all five courses for the

ax cup which comes with the arcade

machine back in 2003 now if I were to go

back to master

we got the ax cup right there I've never

played on it before and like I said in

order to get the ax cup you'd have to