Lego City Undercover (2017) - How to Unlock Studs X2 Red Brick

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how that guy's disappear and today we're

going to be doing some legislating

undercover I want to show you how to get

the red brick x two studs multiplier so

let's go ahead and get into the chapter

three here you do this in a story mode

we're going to do right right past where

you get the basketball I'm going back to

these guys and talk to blue you come

over here and then we're going to go

inside here and start up this alright so

what you want to do is run around and

subdue all of these guys all right

nephew subdue them you're going to get a

little surprise little thanks for the

from the yard work so is there any way I

can help you officer yeah I need to

check a prisoner's self or something

he's called blue blue

he's been here almost as long as me

always sees I get some of that cake his