NETFLIX Codes Trick Unlock 1000's of Movies & TV Shows Categories

everyone this is all things tech in this

video I'm showing you a very cool

Netflix hack stroke trick it's not

really a hat guys but a lot of people

are not aware of this now this is

specifically if you use your Netflix on

a browser and you do have to have

Netflix account or have access to one

guys but providing you've got access to

one you can do exactly this now I have

seen lots of people say it doesn't work

and that's because they're not using it

within a browser and so here I am for

instance on my Mac I'm using Chrome but

it will work with Internet Explorer it

will work with Safari as well but if

you're looking at doing it on a standard

for instance and Amazon fire stick or a

Apple TV for instance it won't work just

doing this in the usual search bar and

I'll show you why okay so this for

instance is the normal home screen and

I've just clicked on films but what I

want you to pay attention to guys is

this number here because this films

genre just general films has been

allocated three for three is this number

here because this films genre just

general films has been allocated three

four three nine nine now what many

people are not aware of is that all of

the different hundreds and thousands of

different types of movies which are

available on Netflix and also TV shows

have also been allocated a number now

for instance you can go in and do

something and change this bottom number

here to let's say seven seven zero zero

and press return now that's going to cut

pacifically with westerns okay

now you might think okay westerns that's

quite a normal john rowe which i would

be able to search for normally okay but

let's have a look at something a little

bit different then and if I change that

to seven six eight seven now this is

film noir okay which again you might

think okay that's a little bit more

unusual but it's not necessarily unheard

of how bizarre and how specific do these

go well then you can go let's have a

look at 81 95 now this is B horror

movies okay so B movies and specifically

horror movies and honestly guys you can

literally go into so much detail I'm

gonna bring in now a list of the

different sections as you can see here

so these are all the different

categories I'm just going to scroll

through it slowly and you can see like

social and cultural documentaries you

could never search for that normally

okay and these numbers to the side I

will leave a link for these numbers

which will be on my website and so

you'll be able to access that guys

you'll be able to go in and look for

these specifically and what I'm told and

I haven't tested this completely guys is

that this actually unlocks some extra

movies that you wouldn't find if you

just did a normal search okay and as you

can see this list literally goes on and

on and it's not just it's not just for

films guys it's TV shows so if I type in

what's that fifty two double ones seven

so fifty two double one seven I click

that in there then that should be

British TV programs so there you go

okay and you can see I got that from

here on the right there so you've got

all of these different sections and you

can do buy different types of movie and

again I'll leave all of these numbers on

my website guys and the link for that

will be in the description but this is

just something which I wasn't aware of

until recently I meant to do this video

at the tail in the last year but I

thought it might be helpful for you guys

and if you certainly use Netflix on a

browser then this is brilliant now one

of the things I'd like to know and those

that you're out there with more

knowledge than me is is there a way of

adapting this for standalone apps like

the Apple TV or the Amazon fire stick

I'd love to know about that guys but

there you go this is just a quick video

just saying look if you weren't aware of

this check it out the link is in the

description to my website and you'll be

able to get all of these different codes

just save these as a file or take a

photograph for instance and you might

find that you will see that they come in

handy for you but thanks for watching

this video guys hope you found it useful

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again for watching guys