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So guys in this video tutorial, I'll be showing you how to unlock any Android phone

Without resetting factory all without losing your data in the phone

That everything will be intact.

You have to reset the factory or wipe off your data,

while unlocking your phone password.

Well, before I start, this video, doesn't in any way, promote any illegality.

This is for educational purposes, please.

So please, I'm not making this video for you to use it for crime, for

stealing, for lifting, for pinching, call it whatever name you call it.

This is for educational purposes.

So let's start. So this is my phone.

This is a vivo phone I'm using.

You can see,

I tried a wrong password.

Wrong password, wrong password.

I tried another wrong password.

It's not going.

So let's start now,

Please you have to be very, very careful and

You have to follow the steps in this video very well.

There should be no steps skipped.