9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

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- Hey, everybody.

David and David here from PayetteForward.com

and UpPhone.com, and in this video we're going to tell you

about some Android settings to turn off immediately.

We have a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10.

If you have a different phone, different operating system,

it might look a little bit different

but the settings are all the same.

- Everything we're going to talk about today

is designed to either take the load off

your phone's processor which is going to speed it up

or it's going to save your battery life; both good things.

- Yep.

- Or it's going to increase your personal privacy

which is also a big consideration nowadays.

- Yes.

- So we need to go to the Settings app to get started.

- Right, so to do that, swipe down

from the top of the screen there.

I have the Settings app here.