How to fix a Dead External hard drive HDD - toshiba hard drive| LapFix

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hi in this video we are going to go over

how to troubleshoot and fix an external

drive I have this it is a Toshiba

external drive and when we connect it to

the usb it is as you can see completely

there there is no LED light and the

drive is not spinning

so let's find out what's going on the

first thing is we will open the drive

remove the cover



as you can see this is a drive with USB

connection and there is the LED light

next to the USB and it's not turning on

no activity I don't see the drop has

been recognized in the PC as well so

what can be the problem

most likely in this scenario is the

board or the connection itself this

connection is very easy to get damaged

we have seen a lot of cases where the

connection is damaged so this is a very

common problem with those USB drives so

we'll remove the board to inspect the

connection and see if there is anything

or any damage

so as you can see this is the board the

communication between the board and the

harddrive goes through that this