Quick Tip: Solving "Read Only" External Drive Problems on Your Mac

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hi Robert Anthony here for Mack tots

plus more and more people are finding

themselves using both Macs and PCs for

their daily computer use while

compatibility is almost a non-issue

nowadays there is one situation that may

still cause some confusion in this

tutorial I want to explain the read-only

problem you may run into when using

external storage devices on your Mac and

also show you how simple it is to fix I

have here a USB Drive that I've

purchased and I use with various pcs at

work and at school on my Mac at home I'm

able to open the drive and I can even

copy files off of the drive

but if I attempt to copy a file to the

drive I get an icon telling me that I'm

not able to do so if I try to delete a

file by pressing command delete nothing

happens and if I right-click the file

the option to move the file to the

trashcan is missing it would seem that

something is obviously not right with

the storage drive if we right-click the

drive and select get info we can see at

the bottom of the info window under the

sharings and permissions twirl down that

we only have permission to read from

this drive and nothing else the cause of