Fix PDF This document has expired - How to Open Expired PDF's

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everyone in this video today I'm going

to show you how to open up the PDF that

has been security locked in terms of

time so I have the file here it's going

to double click and you may get

something like this a green screen that

it doesn't allow you to look at any new

content now the reason being is your

viewer downloaded this somewhere from

the internet there's a security feature

that you can put on PDFs here's a date

feature so you might download on a

certain date and the person who's

created it's locked it to only to expire

on a certain time which means that you

get that green screen so where are your

fault i coded if you haven't got a few

similar to this just click on view and

then go to details another way you can

do this too is select your file and just

right click and go to properties and

here it'll tell you the date this was

created and modified so in this case

only look at the modified date because

the creator that's going to be incorrect

because of I've copied this file from

its original location to here so today

it was actually created today in this

folder but actually downloaded it on the