How to get Expert Roulettes in Shadowbringers/ side dungeon locations

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hey everybody just a short video on how

to certain how to unlock certain things

after level 80 how to get to that expert

roulette on Final Fantasy 14 shadow

bringers now it's actually very easy

these two less dungeons that our side

dungeons are actually only available

after the story and after you talk to

the very last person then it will lead

you to like to be continued then things

will start to open out to you and then

you will find that these two other

dungeons that will give you the expert

roulette so don't think that you have

completely lost that your mind that's

just how it is and this is gonna be a

minor spoiler video I apologize by the

way the first one I actually already

have gotten this person will be right

here it is one of the fish people and he

will be right below here right next to

this a the right which is to be the yeah

the southeast derelicts right below

you'll more ripe overload Gilmore

then you have another one for the other

dungeon for for your expert rule a

because you'll have the others through

story and more missions will open out to

you after the

main story has been finished for you now