How Unlock More Expert Missions/ Expert Mission Location in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

hey guys donking back again another

video so nervous - now if you look in

the background you may notice that hey

he has so many goddamn uh

epic question over here and all that I'm

the man how does he get so many

epic quests all over the game well what

they I noticed is that not there's a lot

of videos explaining how to get more at

requests some people may know but not a

lot of people do so this is gonna be a

detailed description on how to get most

to all of the epic quests unlocked so if

you do the story you get to a certain

before I'm certain point where the girl

is like hey these are epic and epic

quests it check it out check it out and

these two right here she'll tell you to

do them as tutorial see mmm

estimation tutorial number one and this

one x X admission tutorial number two

after you do these two tutorials you

unlock this extra mission over here

see now the key to unlocking the rest

because most people as you can see is a

lot of people around this one because

most people don't know how to unlock the

rest of them the key to unlocking the

rest of the epic missions are you just

have to either either be the lead of an

online match meaning you have to create

your own room and we shouldn't join or

you just do it offline and just do the

mission with us and CBS CPUs rather than

it is something like that is it's it's

that simple but the missions get tougher

and tougher the more you get on so I

advise you be at least max level and in

order to do most of all the questions up

my solo the reason I say to do it so low

is because there's a problem with

queuing up with other people so I'm

pretty sure mostly once you already know

that's already but if you like try to

create a room you'll be waiting there

for like like 30 minutes to an hour of

people to join up it's crazy it's


what's our I'd say do the small orbs see

this the smaller I'll show you the what

the big ones look like in a minute but

just do these ones by yourself is about

nine of these smaller versions

this is the first one the first small

herbs the second one I mean

I'll show you what all of them are

because you might not know where to go

to unlock all critical next after you

unlock the next ones well this is the

second one right here this one is with a

glasses for my mistake because you can

you count the first two tutorials as a


so this is the fourth one

that's ones across this mountain

right here

the fifth one I take a little walk maybe

one of my longer videos taking me some

on the flats in two places

it's me I'm not take my Nimbus and guys

if you um if you want to know how to get

this min described I'll I'll put a link

in the description for how to get it you

I have it on my YouTube account

you know let's check it out shameless

plug anyway this is number six number

seven is back in the area of Namek

accurate we just taking mother

uh robot


I want to go to Namak

whether that was it I was it that was it

Jesus Christ cantaloupe there ma'am I

can't help with that Oh clover the

closest place whenever a numbers up


is such an out-of-the-box YouTube video

mr. there's a lot of people out

that I don't know how to unlock the rest

and I'm just taking it I'm taking the

time to tell you how to unlock it and

tell you how to get how to find the rest

of them so this is number seven number

eight is

Oh down uh little uh waterfall down here

this is number eight Rahzel and

everything and number nine is back at

the the what of the parallel quest area

and that's where this number 9 is where

the small orbs stop and when they get

much larger and the difficulty scared

scales much much higher so I'll show you

what a tenth one is just to just to give


I also have a video of me doing a tenth

one yo that was fun and difficult

but so fun

so fun

but these with these bigger orbs you can

i you can try to do them solo but

they're very very difficult very


I got wouldn't advise doing these bigger

ones so as you can see it's this guy's

getting down in a 10 so we're to look at

you trying to do this quiz after that

mother queers that's ten um I'm

not gonna show you the rest of them cuz

they're the bigger ones are really easy

to see like for crying out loud look I

should have mad clothes that should is

Mac see that over there the one all they

over there hold on right there see

they're huge

you won't be able to miss the bigger

ones anyway that is your tutorial I had

unlock more epic quests um I'm gonna

keep on researching on how to unlock

raid missions because there are raid

wishes in this game I still don't know

how to get to it very angry about it

very very heated about it but i'ma find

a way goddamn it I'm gonna find a way

oh and one more thing you'll know that

the the mission the epic mission is

cleared when it's a light purple sea as

a contrast to that one over there that's

a dark purple which means I have not

completed it I haven't even checked out

that mission yet I'm gonna check it out

later but it is Benny boy Don King with

another tutorial video on how to unlock

and place in Dragon Ball

xenoverse to check you guys later don't

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