WHERE & HOW TO GET EXPERT MISSIONS! | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Gameplay PS4 (BETA)

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yo what's going on guys my name is OG

vex and welcome back to some more

Dragonball xenoverse on the PlayStation

4 now guys this is some cuz some closed

beta content but I wanted to you know

make this video to let you guys know how

to do expert missions on the closed beta

slash open beta I'm pretty sure it'll be

the same thing

I mean hence the reason why over here I

mean look at this bro look at lookie

lookie look at look at this right here

bro you see this right now look by the

open beta like I really don't know I

really don't know why they decided to

make it like this but the closed beta is

the open beta technically I guess anyhow

um if you're done with your story

missions on the closed beta slash open

beta you'll wonder where the hell other

expert missions because they tell you