How Unlock More Expert Missions/ Expert Mission Location in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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hey guys donking back again another

video so nervous - now if you look in

the background you may notice that hey

he has so many goddamn uh

epic question over here and all that I'm

the man how does he get so many

epic quests all over the game well what

they I noticed is that not there's a lot

of videos explaining how to get more at

requests some people may know but not a

lot of people do so this is gonna be a

detailed description on how to get most

to all of the epic quests unlocked so if

you do the story you get to a certain

before I'm certain point where the girl

is like hey these are epic and epic

quests it check it out check it out and

these two right here she'll tell you to

do them as tutorial see mmm

estimation tutorial number one and this

one x X admission tutorial number two

after you do these two tutorials you

unlock this extra mission over here

see now the key to unlocking the rest

because most people as you can see is a

lot of people around this one because

most people don't know how to unlock the

rest of them the key to unlocking the

rest of the epic missions are you just

have to either either be the lead of an