How to Freeze and Unfreeze Credit Reports

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I'm Eddie Janelle and I'm Tom Cannella

welcome everyone you were at the

mortgage brothers podcast show that's

right and today we are we're doing a

little how-to and then what we're

dealing with is how to freeze and

unfreeze your credit we know you're

driving home right now we're driving the

work thinking boy I really want to know

about freezing and unfreezing my credit

so so even though it's it's not as good

as a cup of orange juice or that cup of

coffee you're drinking it is something

that we know we all think about and in

today's day and age where everything is

becoming more and more automated whether

we like it or not everything is becoming

more password oriented and and techie

which means people can start seeing

things and accessing things that you

know that you don't want access and that

includes your credit that's right and

the most effective way and safest way to

actually you know keep your identity

safe your credits is to basically freeze

your credit and it's free mm-hmm it's

free with two bureaus okay everyone

there's three bureaus you all know most

of you know that there's three bureaus