#1 Way To Remove Experian Security Freeze • Sample Letter

HOW TO REMOVE A SECURITY FREEZE ON EXPERIAN If you previously placed a security freeze

with Experian and wish to have it removed, so you are in the

right place.

Here is how to remove a security freeze on Experian.

Please, follow the link in the description to open the

document form.

Now, you can start to fill out the form: - Begin with your First and Last name at the

top, an example JOHN DOE.

- Next, enter your current address, the same address as mentioned in your ID or Driver

License: Address Line 1: 123 EXAMPLE STR, UNIT 1

Address Line 2: NEW YORK, NY 123456 - Choose your Document Date:

- Scroll down, and enter your First and Last Name exactly as they appear on the Driver

License or ID: JOHN DOE

- Then, input your Social Security Number: 123-45-6789

- Date of Birth: 10/30/1975 - Enter your current address again: 123 EXAMPLE

STR, UNIT 1, NEW YORK, NY 123456 - Next, enter your phone number: 123-456-7890

- And an email address you own: example@example.com - Under the text "Sincerely", need to enter

your First and Last Name again: JOHN DOE - Tap to the Signature and sign the form.

- Now, you need to provide copies of two forms of identification.

Upload your ID or Driver Licence copy to the document left side and your Social

Security Card to the right side.

Good job, your document is ready!

Check your personal information one more time, and click to the

BUY button.

Proceed with the payment to download and print out the document from your computer.

Finally, send the letter by USPS certified mail.

Certified mail is best because it guarantees that the

company receives it.

That way, they can't say they didn't get your letter.

But, if you are busy and don't have time to drive to the post office, we

can do it for you.

Please resend your document to email

USPS@IDISPUTE.ORG, and we'll handle all the legwork for you in a quick and convenient


No need to buy print paper, No need to print

a document, No need to buy an envelope, No need to drive to

the post office, No need to stay in the line.

We will mail your document and send the USPS tracking

number to your email within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: You can keep a document copy on your computer, but it's better to keep a hard

copy of the one you sign and send.

Always keep a copy of the document, certified mail receipt, payment receipt, so

you have a record.

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