Forge of Empires Guild Expedition Intro

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all right today I'll be doing a guide on

the guild expedition if you've never

done the guild expedition before you can

find it down here in the bottom left

corner we're gonna go straight to the

guild expedition tab so this is

primarily for people who have never done

the expedition before or who have never

tried it so we're just gonna quickly go

around the map here on the UI and kind

of explain things this up here is the

guild contribution every time you

complete an event you get some points

and it fills you up and if you click

this this will show the rank of your

guild overall and how many people have

completed the guild expedition or here

is your attempts every time you try to

do in an attempt on the guild expedition

it's gonna use one of these little

medallions when you run out they

regenerate every 24 hours you can also

purchase these by clicking the plus you

can purchase them with metals diamonds

and more diamonds if you purchase them

for metals the price goes up a little

bit every attempt you purchase so the

next one is probably going to be for

metals and it kind of goes up

exponentially eventually it'll get up