Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - How to Unlock Zombies in Exo Survival

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what's up guys Hector managable here to

give you the rundown on call of duty

advanced warfare zombie mode teaser and

the XO survivor

achievement and trophy that's attached

to it this whole zombie scenario is

found in the co-op mode EXO survival but

only on the very last map to unlock this

map you must complete 50 rounds

throughout the tier 1 maps which are the

first 4 maps available and that will

unlock the tier 2 maps next complete 75

rounds on the tier 2 maps to unlock the

tier 3 maps and finally complete 100

rounds on the tier 3 maps to unlock the

final map or if you have a friend that

already unlocked the final map you can

just join a private party with him or

her once the tier 4 Matt Bryant is

available start up a game and complete

the first ten rounds feeding the Goliath

on the 10th round will play a short

event where enemy manticores explode all

around the map

dream report status report status Allied

forces this is Gideon does anyone copy

is anyone out there

this is Gideon do you copy when you gain

control again quickly find a weapon or

two on the ground to defend yourself