Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to Unlock Everything

when you first land on your deserted

island and animal crossing new horizons

you won't have anything to your name and

it may take longer than you'd think to

gain access to things like tools

buildings and features you may have

taken for granted in previous games

luckily we've got a fast track to

unlocking all the important stuff

there's a lot to unpack so let's run

down the list on your first real day on

the island take of Tom nooks offer for a

DIY workshop class to learn how to craft

recipes including the bug net and

fishing rod be sure to bring him five

bugs and/or fish and you'll gain access

to recipes for how to make an ax for

chopping wood and a watering can for

flowers once you've given him enough

bugs at fish blathers will call and ask

to join you on the island so put down a

nice plot for his tent and wait for the

next day once blathers is settled in

talk to him and he'll give you recipes

for the shovel to dig up fossils and

strike rocks plus a recipe for the

vaulting pole to get across the river

that's been blocking your exploration if

you want to get a real Museum be sure to

send blathers 15 more specimens bugs of

fish or fossils your next task is to pay

off your deserted island package with

5,000 up miles so keep doing activities

to score more points paying off your

initial bill will unlock nook miles plus

which are endless daily tasks to keep

the nook miles rolling in and you can

buy new items with nook miles like

better tools and recipes with your bill

paid off tell Tom Nook you want a house

and you'll wake up the next day with a

one-room house you can customize to your

liking and you'll end up with another

bill go to resident services after

getting your house set up then talk to

Timmy about setting up a real shop on

the island you'll have to gather 30 of

each type of wood plus 30 iron nuggets

so this might take a while remember you

can also use nook miles tickets to fly

to uncharted islands once you have all

the materials hand them in and place

down the lot for notes cranny which

takes a day to build with the shop bill

you'll run into Mable at nook's cranny

who will start appearing by the resident

services ten on a random weekday and

weekends to sell clothing items if you

wanted to set up shop for good buy at

least 5000 bells worth of clothing items

and talk to her the next day she's

around and she'll have you put down a

lot for the able sisters shop which will

be ready the next

day meanwhile returned to Tom Nook to

continue his plan to expand the island

he'll first want you to build a bridge

to another part of the island which

requires building several logs stakes as

well as gathering for clays and stones

after you connect the island with a

bridge agree to help nook furnish three

new houses for incoming residents you'll

need to find some space to set their

Lots down as they'll have increased

space where they want exterior items to

be furnished as you place the Lots down

you'll get access to a ton of new

recipes and Tom Nook will also give you

the recipe for a ladder to finally

explore the rest of the island and

gather native flowers start amassing

resources to build the six furniture

pieces each of the three houses needs

place three in the box and place the

other three around the lot

the villagers should start appearing in

your town one by one over the next

several days once they've all arrived

Tom Nook will announce he's upgrading

resident services to an official

building this will unlock a ton of new

features everything from changing your

town tune to adding bridges and ramps or

even moving existing buildings around

Tom Nook will have one last big plan to

get your town on the map and to start he

wants you to build a campground to bring

in more villagers stockpile 15 of each

type of wood as well as 15 iron nuggets

then build your campground soon after

it's built someone will come to visit

and you'll be able to invite them to

stay and after this you can reserve Lots

in the island for future residents to

move into finally Tom Nook will want to

up your town rating for his big plan

you'll need a town rating of at least 3

stars to make it work so during this

time you should have at least 7

villagers move in plant a ton of flowers

and build and display as many exterior

items and furniture as possible keep

asking about the rating and take any

advice you were given until that rating

goes up once your town rating hits three

stars a big event will take place we

won't spoil what and after its

conclusion Tom Nook will give you the

ability to terraform your own paths and

you can buy additional licenses to

create rivers and reshaped cliffs as you

see fit

and that's all the major things you can

unlock in Animal Crossing new horizons

of course there's plenty more things to

find from DIY recipes to special

visitors and much much more so be sure

to check out our new horizons wiki guide

for everything else

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