Fallout 4 - Mass Fusion: Executive Terminal, Brotherhood Gameplay, Oslow Office Halo Tape PS4

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must've been nothing standing down dr.

Filmore well isn't this fun

target reacquired

I have to search the rest of the


calm down no you knew that this was

coming I don't understand why you're

acting this way don't tell me to calm

down Karl when we started designing the

beryllium agitator you said it would be

for the benefit of mankind instead I

find out that you have been planning on

turning it over to the military all

along you lied to me don't give me that

high-and-mighty attitude have you picked

up a newspaper lately there's a war

going on out there doctor and if our

sides going to win it needs all the help

it can get I can't believe what I'm


since when if it's science start taking

sides what did they promise you Karl

money political favors that goddamn

medal that's enough

like it or not when the testing cycle is

completed I'm creating up the agitator

and sending it off to Washington now you

have two choices either you can get back

to work or you can get the hell out of

my building