How to unlock Protected Excel VBA Project and Macro codes without password

hello everyone in this video we are

going to see how to unlock VBA project

that means all these modules which gets

stored in the Excel macro workbook that

is what we are going to see now so in

order to do that I am just creating a

blank workbook and I am going to develop

a tab we show basic and just inserting a

module and just typing something some

Mario so some several sub retains like a

move then I as in teeka better than I so

I just let's say divided up friend okay

so I have created a subroutine and the

subroutine is get stored in the module

one and I'm going to save this macro

workbook first in this location

EXO I'm just saving it as macro enable

the work broken and I'm just naming this

as protector save so this gets saved and

now I'm going to lock it up with a

strong password tools will be a project

properties go to a protection tab and

check mark this lock project for viewing

and I'm going to give this strong

password and just copy pasting the

strong password I'll click on OK I'm

saying this sheet let us confirm once

again whether it is properly locked or

not go to the Developer tab yeah

it's prompting a password which means

it's successful it's locked so now we

are going to see how to unlock this

macro enable the workbook but before

that don't cry to use this trick to open

any cooperated macro workbook just use

this frequently if you forget the

password of your own Mac recorder this

just erectus from my end

so before unlocking that just make a

copy of this size sheet I just make a

copy of this sheet protected its file

name is protected a copy I'm changing it

and something else like paste and now

change the format and file format from

Excel SM to zip if you're not able to

see this file format go to organize

folder and search option and go to the

View tab and here are evil you have to

uncheck hide extensions for known file

type if you uncheck that then you can

able to see the file format otherwise it

will show only the file name so now

change the file format from Excel SM to

zip it will prompt you that if you

change the filename extension the file

might become unstable are you sure you

want to change it go ahead with yes so

now you need to

it's changed from Excel SM format to zip

format you have to unzip it to extract

all I just want to extract inside the

folder test so this got extracted

inside this folder here after extracting

the macro workbook you find a three

folder followed by an XML file go to the

Excel folder and here we find we be

project not bin

you have to open these with a hex or

editor you have to install the hex

editor on your machine so just right

click and open with hex editor this will

open you are a bin file in hexadecimal

format you have to search a text called

a DPB and just make sure that you have

enabled this text string that is your

mock respect string and type the word

EPB and click on OK it will find and

show the word DPB here and you have to

change the DPP to DPX or something else

and go to file save and close this one

now come back again so this is where all

your extracted files are saved just

select all and unzip it make sure that

you are also included this dot XML file

go to summon zip RS into just make zip

it and give any name as unlock now we

just selected all these things and make

it as one zip file after that you have

to change the file format from zip to

XLS it will again prompt you that if you

change the filename extension file might

become unstable go ahead with this so

just make sure that you have changed the

format to excel is not to excel sm open

this one it will ask you some

message we want to open the file now

click on s the project contain invalid

key continue loading the project go

ahead with yes now go to the Developer

tab we show basic some unexpected error

will be displayed don't bother about

that error now you cannot able to see

the module what you have to do is go to

tools and Wiebe project properties click

on the protection and uncheck the lock

project for viewing and click on OK

close it and close this one don't forget

to save the changes now go back and open

the same file again it will ask you the

password go to the Developer tab you

show basic and here it's now you can

able to see the code which gets stored

in the module 1 so you have successfully

unlockable macro enabled worksheet and

from here you can copy the code and make

use of this thank you for watching this

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