Unprotect Excel : Unlocking Excel Sheet Without Password 100%

Create a new Excel Worksheet

Input some data on worksheet cells

Now, Password Protect the Sheet...

Enter your desired password to "Lock" the Excel worksheet

Re-enter the same password

The excel sheet shown is now fully "password protected"

Close the sheer and go back to the Excel file

Right-Click on the excel file...

...Rename its Extension from ".xlsx" to ".zip"

open the zip file and locate sheet as shown...

Extract this ".xml" file from the zip folder

Now open this xml file with WordPad

here is some code, don't be afraid of this

press Ctrl+f and find keyword "Protection"

Select this protection code in-between "<.../>" as shown in video

Remove this selected code from the file

...Save and close...

Now replace this "edited" xml file with the original one in "zip" folder

close Farhan.zip

Rename back "Farhan.zip" to "Farhan.xlsx"


now the excel worksheet is fully unlocked for editing

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