How to unlock Protected Excel Sheets without Password

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hello everyone in this video I'm going

to show you how to unlock the protected

worksheets are without using any of the

paid software or macro code so this is a

very simple trick and I'm going to show

you with our two simple steps on but

before that I finally request you to not

misuse this trick to unlock up non

copyrighted workbook or others workbook


so please use this if this workbook is

owned by you and you unfortunately

forget the password and don't use in

others workbook so this is some of the

sample data and what I am going to do is

um I am going to lock it

protect this sheets one with a password

so I am going to protect sheet I am

going to enter one of the complicated

password and click on OK and it's asking

again so I'm entering the password again

and click on ok now this sheet one is

completely protected so I'm just

checking it now I am saving and closing

this so this is the protected sheets I

am just trying to alter some values and

let's see what happens so it is a

displaying that the suit is protector

and you cannot able to do any changes so

now close this seat and I am going to