How to unlock password from excel without password online?

hello everyone in this video I'm going

to show you how you can unlock or

unprotect or really or even you can find

a password that may be given to the

excel sheet in case if you forward so it

is pretty obvious that we tend to follow

the password but the worst thing about

Excel is there isn't no password

recovery or reset password option via

email so either you need to remember or

you tend to lose the daytime part with

the help of this online service you can

recover the data back let me show you

how so these are the two excel file that

we are going to test using the online

service so both this file contains same

data the only difference is this one is

an excel as such format and this one is

Excel s format so let me clarify the

difference between password-protected

excel workbook and password-protected

excel sheet because people tend to

confuse between these two terms so this

is a password-protected excel workbook

so when you open any excel and if it

prompts for password which means that

entire excel workbook is protected with

password so this is what we are going to

unlock with our online service so let me

put the right password here so you can

see what data is present in this excel

sheet so this content 3 tabs 1 is an

example test and format approbation and


and this also contained the same data as

I said only the format is different let

me close the comments present in the

test folder let me copy the folder as

well so let's go back to the home length

osmotically file so I have given a link

in the YouTube description you can click

on that it will take you directly to

this recovery page so here you need to

click on the unprotect your file and you

need to browse the file that you want to

unlock so click on the Browse button and

it's in the test folder now I am going

to select sample test

xlsx that was protected with a password

so click on the hope and once this is

successfully uploaded you can click on

the next step and here you can see two

option to remove password or find

password so I recommended you to go with

her remove password so just click on the

remove pasta and click on the next step

but if you want to find the password you

can select this option as well and click

on the next step so here you need to buy

or purchase a license key to download

the entire excel file and if you want to

ensure that whether it's successfully

decrypt or remove the password you can

download the demo file so let me verify

that fast before making a purchase so if

you see the it exactly matches with the

data that is present in the actual file

it can take three tabs example test

format application and treat me so I can

go ahead and purchase a license key with

the confidence so click on buy a license

option so here you need to click on the

Buy Now button

and it was processed by a prop global

just enter the details and click on the

summit order and your license key will

be instantly delivered to your email ID

that you have given here so I already

purchased a license and I'm going to use

that license here so once you put the

license key click on the gate full

document to download the entire document

without password there is a link to

download you are unprotected excel

workbook so just click here and it will

be downloaded so if you see here it was

completely unprotected and it didn't ask

for password and all my data is the

exactly same so let me compare it with

the original one so you have a clear

understanding so this is the original

one and this is the one that we have

downloaded from the hospitality online

service so if we go to format up image

I'll read me so this is a tab and this

is a read me tab of the downloaded file

so you can just compare it it's exactly

same so let's go ahead and and protect

this Excel s file as well using the

hospital page once you purchase a

license you can use it for ten different

documents whether it could be Excel or

it could be a Excel macro you can even

unlock the macro or even you can use it

to unlock Excel Word document as well as

Microsoft PowerPoint so click on the

unproductive file and click on the

browse now select Excel s now I will

select or XLS format and click on the

open click on the next step and I will

go with the remove hospital so it will

take awhile to remove the password and

once a file is ready you can see that

click here button to download the file

just click here and if you open that

it's completely unprotected you can see

those three tabs here and the data is

exactly the same so that's it you can

check out the link given in the

description and you can unlock your

password-protected excel file let me

know if you have any doubts using this

service so that's it for this video if

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thank you