How to break Excel Workbook Password Protection without software | MS Excel Tutorial

hi my name is Jay in this video I'm

gonna show you how to break the Excel or

potassium password if I go into the

detail I want to point out that so in

Excel there's different type of password

protection and there's the washy

protection that basically lock the

individual worksheet and then this excel

file protection if we go to save us and

browse and under the tools and if we go

to it on general options and there's the

our excel level of password protection

basically a user needs the the password

to open the excel file and then there's

the show then this the oppression layer

so basically that will lock the

structure of the Excel workbook to our

disabled and user to add or delete or

move worksheets so I know my excel file

is would poop attached assuming that if

I try to move the file rename the file

or even higher on high I'm not able to

as you can see I'm trying to drag the

file and overpower my able to do so in

putting in de you forget your password

and you can't even use VBA so if I'm

trying to go into the the VBA window and

I'm trying to main only making the

- making a heading and I'm

communicating this TBL de I'm able to

set the visible property of the oshi

class and so to break the what level of

password protection and so first thing I

want to do is I'm going to close this

excel file and I'm going to open the

folder of the folder that has the excel

file save and here's the other file so

I'm going to

made this icon with a bigger view large

icon I'm going to so before you begin I

will begin I'm going to make a copy just

in case that if I corrupt the excel file

I know that I have a copy to to return

to the original state and next you want

to change the file extension to zip

so Jackie file and I'll basically

convert the excel file to a zip file and

open the zip file so that I should gives

you all the structural excel file as

well as it solves the XML file that make

up the excel structure and you want to

go into site and go back I want to go

into the our Excel folder so stand for

Excel folder and I'm the data you want

to look for the word put XML file and

copy this file in and pay somewhere else

and grab a notepad so open this window

pad I'm using notepad plus plus and we

open the XML file this one is going to

look like and you want to look for a tag

called lock structure if you Excel will

put its structure is password protect

then you're going to the values gonna be

one so what you want to do is want to

know very bad to zero that means to

remove the password and safe I'm going

to close the note D notebook and and

what you want to do is want to replace

the XML file and with the XML file

inside this zip file ok and once on

finish and change the the file extension

from the IP to excel as X

in fact using a macro enable file you

want to rename the extension as xlsm I'm

going to name astragal excel file and

now when you are open the file again and


the connection and so one red clip as

you can see all the structures are not

available for you to know for you to to

do important to move the file or rename

the file you are now able to do so and

if we go back to file as you can see the

workbook structure has no protection has

now been removed and so I space it so I

hope you guys found this video useful

and if any question feel free to send

email leave a comment below see me

fortune and tell the guys soon bye bye