How to unlock Protected Excel Sheets without Password

hello everyone in this video I'm going

to show you how to unlock the protected

worksheets are without using any of the

paid software or macro code so this is a

very simple trick and I'm going to show

you with our two simple steps on but

before that I finally request you to not

misuse this trick to unlock up non

copyrighted workbook or others workbook


so please use this if this workbook is

owned by you and you unfortunately

forget the password and don't use in

others workbook so this is some of the

sample data and what I am going to do is

um I am going to lock it

protect this sheets one with a password

so I am going to protect sheet I am

going to enter one of the complicated

password and click on OK and it's asking

again so I'm entering the password again

and click on ok now this sheet one is

completely protected so I'm just

checking it now I am saving and closing

this so this is the protected sheets I

am just trying to alter some values and

let's see what happens so it is a

displaying that the suit is protector

and you cannot able to do any changes so

now close this seat and I am going to

show you how to unlock it please watch

it carefully I am just editing this a

workbook name and change the file format

from excel sx to zip if you change the

filename extension the file might become

unusable or you sure want to change it

go ahead with s button now just extract

all here so now a new folder is created

called the sample folder is created on

inside that all

zip contents are extracted now what you

have to do is go to this Excel folder

please note that you should go to excel

folder not toda core error something for

the excel and inside the excel you will

find a three folder go to worksheets

folder so worksheets folder contain

three XML file sheet1 sheet2 and sheet3

we have protector a sheet one dot XML

file that is a sheet one in the workbook

is protected so we need to edit or do

something in the sheet one that XML so

open it with WordPad so now it uh this

XML file contain lot of data and what

you have to do is you need to find a

word called protection here it is so

what you have to do is um you need this

protection start with a lesser than tag

and always ends with in XML all the data

starts with lesser than tag and end with

slash followed by greater than tagging

so this sheet protection what you have

to do is this sheet protection start

with this lesser than symbol and the

ends with ends here at person arias is

equal to one it's in here with slash

followed by greater than sign what you

have to do is you need to remove these

from the XML you need to remove this

portion and this portion as well as this

tag also so I am just removing this tag

after removing this tag save this and

close this XML file now come back so all

your data is inside the sample folder

select all data and click on zip so you

need to select all this data and zip it

name this as unlocked XLS so I am just

zip it and name the file as unlock sorry

this is not properly unlock the name is

not correct okay leave it up I'm just

naming it as unlock followed by a file

name dot XLS so and again it is asking

that it might be commands unusable so or

you sure want to change it yes I want to

change it and just open this workbook

you are trying to open in a different

format specified by this so you pump

with that error message and after that

you will see the data in the sheet 1

which is unlocked now you you can do

anything what we want in the sheet 1

which is saw previously a lock with a

password so I am able to do anything on

the sheet editing or deleting or

anything I can do

it's purely unlock up please let me know

if you have any doubts and thank you for

watching this video please subscribe