3 Ways To Unprotect Excel Sheets: Crack AND Restore Unknown Passwords

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work sheet protection is great for

stopping people messing up your

spreadsheet but let's face it it creates

a pretty poor user experience in some

cases wouldn't it be great you could

just get rid of all that protection do

what you need to do and then put it back

on afterwards and no one's any the wiser

don't need to know the password or

anything well that is what I'm going to

show you how to do in this video


I'm gonna give you three ways you can

remove the protection from an excel

sheet when you don't know the password

first one's a bit of a long shot but

it's worth a go second one uses VBA code

and the third one we're gonna be

actually hacking the file itself but it

is foolproof

so let's get on with it right

first method bit of a long shot so let's

say we've got this spreadsheet here I've

been given this and you can see you try

and change anything you've got a message

coming up saying it's protected can't do

anything so it's clearly protected at a

moment the first thing is is it look up

here is it an Excel SM file in other

words does it have macros because if it