Costume 2 How To Unlock Via Resident Evil.Net + How To Earn RE Points Resident Evil 6 RE6 EX2

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axl help engaged greetings everyone in

this episode I will show you how to

unlock the custom tools of all the

characters via resident evil dotnet in

order to unlock costumes you need

Resident Evil points so let's see how

that is done

when I logged in earlier on today I saw

this message so logging in to the

website is just one way but you will

have to wait until the next day before

you can get points for logging and again

in fact when you log in for the first

time you get about 30,000 points I

cannot remember the exact figure let's

look at the other ways so logging in

we've already covered the rest of the

methods basically involve playing the

game on your console for example if you

have completed all chapters on Leon's

campaign you might get a web medal or

badge for that I didn't log into the

website for about 10 days but when I did

I had an extra 120 thousand points

waiting for me so I must have unlocked a

shitload of medals and badges to get

that many points you can also get points

by participating in online events but to

be honest the most deal probably earned

from that is 1000 points okay so let's