How to Unlock Everything in The Sims 4 (Debug, Live Edit and Gameplay Unlocks) 🎁

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hello everybody and welcome back to

ultimate Sims guides my name is Taylor

for those of you that don't know and in

today's video I'm gonna teach you how to

unlock everything in the Sims 4

there are 3 different categories of

things that are kind of hidden behind a

wall in The Sims 4 the first is gameplay

unlocks which are the types of things

that you get when you get to a certain

level of a career of unlock other things

there are debug items which are kind of

like items that your Sims use but that

you can't purchase so for example you'll

be able to find things like bowls dirty

laundry pots pans gardening seeds fully

grown plants all of that kind of

craziness would be in debug and the

newest one is the live edit objects now

these are the kinds of things you'd see

out in the world so for example

something like this this little sign

here would be in the live edit you'd

find different things like this what is

what would that be called

up here a doc I'm not entirely sure you

would find different kinds of benches

and fences and cars and you know all of

that kind of craziness would be in that

live edit so the first one I'm going to