Unlock All Objects in Build Mode- The Sims 4 Cheat: How To

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with that said you guys this tutorial is

gonna be short and simple

once again I get this question all the

time like most of my tutorials how do i

unlock all of the build my objects in

game and those of you who did not know I

love building in the game that's what I

do on my free time when I'm not doing my

machinima series or something that I'm

uploading I love love love building in

the game I do not play the game anymore

so when I do get in the game and I'm not

working on a show or something I am

building so I use this cheat all of the

time and it works for you however many

packs you have so don't think that if

you have just the base game that you

can't use this cheat you can use this

cheat for any pack at all so whenever a

packs you have it works

from the first to the last and if you

have all of them so that cheat is the

unlock all cheat but in order to do so

you would have to open up the cheat box

and in order to do that you press shift

ctrl + C that will be on the screen just

in case you guys do not know what I'm

saying so a shift ctrl + C to open up

the bouquet but in order to do this

cheat you guys you guys have to enter in

the cheat testing cheats on in the cheat

box and I will have that on the screen

as well and then you press enter you can

also put in testing cheats true so

either one works and again that's

testing cheats but don't forget the


then on and then testing cheats face and

then true and press enter and and that's

that and then you'll be able to enter in

this very simple cheat very short and

quick you guys it will unlock everything

like I said it doesn't matter how many

game packs you have from Toddlers to

Parenthood to get to work get together

all of them will work so just type that

in so it's B be ignored

gameplay unlocks entitlement ok nothing

after that and just press ENTER I will

have this in the description of this

video for you to copy and paste I

usually do that just so I don't spell

anything wrong or accidentally entering

anything it's just easier to copy and

paste it but I will have it on the

screen so you guys to type it out and

all you do after you type it in the bar

is press ENTER and it should say ignore

gameplay unlocked T is on if it says off

then that's not good obviously but if it

says on everything should be a lot so

now to close the cheat box you just

press the execute button which is ESC if

you did not know and now we're gonna

scroll through and see if stuff is

unlocked and as I can see right away it

is because anything with these gray and

colorful things anything with grey lines

has been unlocked so all these are

unlocked right now these are the

unlocked rooms that were locked before

so if they don't look like these so

these ones up here to have the turquoise

or the greenish blue color these were

locked before and now they're unlocked

so they are unlock so now we're gonna

make sure that some of the objects

and let's see so these look a little bit

different these have the gray but shiny


not shiny but the white lines of grain

shiny white lines so this was locked and

it's unlocked I know for sure there's a

few deaths that are locked most of these

things you can unlock once you get

higher in your profession and I don't

ever play the game I never unlock

anything unless I teach so in order to

build how I want I always have to use

heat because I'm never playing the game

to level up any sim in any profession or

anything like that so I always have to

use a cheat so this comes in handy all

of the time so as going through you guys

just can see the different ones that

have been unlocked and there's so many

so yeah it looks like the cheat worked

so I hope this helped you guys and

answer the question that I get a lot of

the times when it comes to build buy and

like I said it works with anything pack

and I hope this is very helpful and if

it was like this video and share it with

someone who needs it and I hope you guys

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