The movies stunts and effects cheat

alright guys I'm gonna show you how to

cheat on the movie stunts and effects to

get to the year 2000 in sandbox mode and

to unlock everything so where to start

and go to run and this will not mess up

your game when you go to run type and

regen it re GED IT reach at it now you

gotta click OK alright let me close all

this and show you where you're forced to

go okay when you open it up there are

four folders go to the second one h ke y

current user and then press that little

plus button and when you go down look

for Lionhead Studios and then when you

find it find its to do is press this

plus again and you see the movies there

and press the plus and then you see

tutorials played yeah and then click on

the movies don't press the plus click on

the movies folder don't double click it

click on it and then a bunch of stuff we

got a big window popped up with a bunch

of stuff you see death off and then

allow any decade go to that so click on

double click it and then type in the

year the highest year you could go to

his 2000 so type in 2000 and then click

OK and then I sit that off

no that's ha ha ha let me start the game


and I should be working then tell me uh

the UM when you go to game sandbox and

then I could go to uh so game sandbox

and then when you go to the year you all

click on the year and then ya go over to

uh no no wait I'll show you a little

I'll show you what I mean the movie

stunts it's my favorite game so you go

to game and then you go to sandbox and

watch your usually only a logical up to

1950 but cha-da go up to 2000 with

everything a lot all the sets all the

costumes everything so that's how it's

that easy to cheat on here so uh see ya