Skate 3 how to unlock everything in the game!

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I'm a woman capabilities and now I'm

living in correctional facilities cuz I

don't agree with how I do this I get

straight medics a licensed school cops


I'm today I'm going to be showing you

like a glitch for skate free I should

the game this game skate for its for ps4

and xbox pc that's this thing like it's

not glitch but it's a thing they'll help

you up to the game like if you want to

do videos like the duke voice or be

really good at the game and unlock

everything you can pay five pounds to

get it and oh yeah so I'll show you

then I'll download it and true are okay

so guys I'll see you when I show you the

things my screen and as you can see I

I've like publish boards a minute and

what you want to press is a I think it's

a X on triangle just will just press on

that when it comes up download content

per se and watch this guy's we'll take

Apollo a bit for loading are you when

you get skate share pack download that

is free and you get the after dark pack

for free so these are all of them quite

a lot of money there look it's cool it's

the times money packets called down and

it says like if you're if you are busy