How to Unlock Everything in The Sims 4 (Debug, Live Edit and Gameplay Unlocks) 🎁

hello everybody and welcome back to

ultimate Sims guides my name is Taylor

for those of you that don't know and in

today's video I'm gonna teach you how to

unlock everything in the Sims 4

there are 3 different categories of

things that are kind of hidden behind a

wall in The Sims 4 the first is gameplay

unlocks which are the types of things

that you get when you get to a certain

level of a career of unlock other things

there are debug items which are kind of

like items that your Sims use but that

you can't purchase so for example you'll

be able to find things like bowls dirty

laundry pots pans gardening seeds fully

grown plants all of that kind of

craziness would be in debug and the

newest one is the live edit objects now

these are the kinds of things you'd see

out in the world so for example

something like this this little sign

here would be in the live edit you'd

find different things like this what is

what would that be called

up here a doc I'm not entirely sure you

would find different kinds of benches

and fences and cars and you know all of

that kind of craziness would be in that

live edit so the first one I'm going to

show you how to do is the game play

unlocks so what you're gonna do is first

you're gonna hit ctrl shift and C on

your keyboard because we need to make

sure that our cheats are enabled so

we're gonna go testing cheats true and

hit enter cheats are enabled then we're

gonna do the most annoying cheat in the

entire game because it's so long and

kind of hard to remember but it is VV

dot ignore gameplay gameplay unlocks

like in title mint and you're gonna hit

enter and then it'll say ignore game

play unlocks cheat is on and then when

you go into build mode you can like go

in here and you will see that the

corporate Sheik countertops that are

unlocked at level 2 of the culinary

career are now unlocked the corporate

shriek island at level 5 unlocked what

else can we get this hood which is

unlocked at level 10 of the culinary

career or this one unlocked there are so

many weird things that you can unlock in

different parts of this game and

honestly it's kind of hilarious but I'm

just going through the kitchen ones that

are all colored or clear because they're

just easiest to find you can see that

all of this kind of stuff is unlocked

and available for you to use the next

one I'm going to show you is debug which

is VB

show hidden objects and hit enter now

nothing's gonna pop up for that one so

you can't have to trust in the process

and then if you go into your search bar

you can type in debug and you'll see

that this pops up and that's kind of how

you know and when you surgeon debug

you're gonna see all sorts of weird

stuff like I don't even know what that

is I don't know what it's supposed to be

I have no idea but as you can see

there's paintbrushes there is different

spoons and just plates now a lot of

these items your sims will clean up so

like plates if they're just hanging out

they will get cleaned up I don't know

why there's like a princess head that's

kind of terrifying and it's so tiny like

what is that I don't understand

um wrenches a full one baby if you can

just so if you want yeah there's a lot

of real weird things in the debug menu

if you wanted to search just for a

strawberry because you know you wanted

to plant a strawberry or you're trying

to have a baby girl you do have the

option of doing that and clicking on

strawberry and then you'll be able to

find it um debug is there's a lot of

stuff available in the debug menu and

it's a lot so you can see strawberries

grapes cherries all of that different

kinds of books flowers yeah so you can

plant these you do have to pay for them

but you can plant them you can eat them

you can do whatever you want with these

strawberries I'm gonna have the link to

our entire debug video down below just

so you guys can kind of get more

information about the debug menu but

let's move on to the final one which is

the live edit menu so the final cheat

we're gonna do is BB dot show live edit

objects and hit enter and then once

again you just kind of have to look for

staff which is a big pain in the butt

most of the stuff in here it doesn't

actually have a description because it's

just stuff that isn't meant to actually

be purchasable and be available like

this so there are some weird things so

for example something that is a live

edit object is this fake Foxborough

University building that you know you

could just place somewhere and have just

chillin if you so choose you'll find a

lot of really weird things in the debug

menu I don't even know what most of this

stuff is but yeah you can find entire

buildings which is interesting so one

thing you can do is you can just search

trees and then some of these weird debug

trees are going to appear so these are

from stranger Ville you'll see some of

these weird just just weird things that

like normally you just don't have access

to there very odd now you kind of have

to figure out the kinds of things you

want in debug and the things you want in

live edit there are also people who on

the gallery have created entire

organized lots that you can place down

of a bunch of these objects so you can

search live at it and you'll have like

live edit vehicles and then all of the

ones you can find fair some live edit

landscaping and all of that kind of

stuff and these are just like as rooms

so you can place them down and just use

whatever you want you can see like all

of the different live edit fences that

you can use so yeah that is how you're

gonna unlock everything inside the sims

4 if you want more information on any of

this I will link the article down below

or it gives a little bit more detail

you're gonna have to see what you can

find in all of these menus because

they're a little bit unorganized and

crazy so best of luck but do take

advantage of the stuff on the gallery

because people have categorized a lot of

it to make it easier for you I really

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