Unlock Everything in Mortal Kombat 9

it's going on YouTube here I am with

Mortal Kombat 9 for the PlayStation 3

running off of my modded PlayStation 3

so it's running off of multi man I'm

just beat the game the game is based on

chapters each chapter is basically a one

character each so you play as 16

characters so there's 16 chapters each

chapter so each character you fight

about four to five times and then based

on how you do I guess it's like two to

three rounds so it's a pretty long game

it's somewhat easy only character which

gave me a problem was um Shang soon

which you fight in the middle and then

you fight towards the end the only way I

found to beat him is just keeping your

distance definitely do not get close to

him don't let him get close to you yeah

or he will destroy you the other

everybody else was fairly easy I use the

same you know get close to them and just

punch punch punch punch or you know

other things but um other than that is

fairly easy so I'm going to post a link

down below on how to unlock everyone

basically when you beat the game you

unlock two characters um

Quan Chi and cyber Sub Zero you obtain

them at the end when you unlock when you

beat the game you get both of these

characters cyber Sub Zero you get them

towards the end and then Quan Chi once

you beat the game but then there are

other characters which I found patches

for like Goro Kintaro cradles I believe

comes with the game and Shang soon so

I'll post a link to where I got the you

the package files down below and then

you also have scarlet cash a rain and

Freddy Krueger so all these characters

are there you can choose them let's

choose a Kintaro

and they can choose I guess

so to obtain a Quan Chi and cybers up

zero you play through the game cyber

sub-zero you obtain them towards the

middle of the game actually towards the

end and once you beat them and then Quan

Chi once you beat the game and the other

characters here which I have obtained by

ransom EKG files which I obtained at the

Oh warm posted below so this is me

controlling a Kintaro and see if I can

exit the game I'll show you another call

so basically I'm not all the customs

well and here's a pretty cool custom for

Molina so Selena I'll press Start and

then I'll choose calcium number three

and this is also a package file which

can be found below basically run


as you see it's step by step and it'll

turn out the way mine is it's fairly

easy let's dance

that's probably toilet paper under GQ

costume from Alena fart

she's literally just covered in our

toilet paper that's it if you have any

questions just let me know

the pkg files down below basically

unlocking every character except of Quan

Chi and cyber Sub Zero to get those you

have to play through the game and it's a

long process but it's definitely fun

it's a great great game I've never

really played it too much until now I've

always been to a Mortal Kombat two and

three and yeah great great game

definitely check it out the cut screens

are amazing great story too