How to: Unlock EVERYTHING in Super Mario Maker in Under 1 Hour

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welcome back everybody to the Scott's

but I'm Scott and you're currently

watching my tutorial on Super Mario

maker on how to unlock all the course

elements as quickly as possible now this

is after the played around a little bit

for three to five minutes I believe the

rule is with the tutorial stage and I've

used every single piece available now

you can see here that this notification

is telling me that there will be new

course elements arriving to me to the

day after this recording on Sunday they

says in the meantime try mastering the

art of course creation using tools

fairly available one of the big stories

of Mario maker not long before it came

out is it was going to take nine days to

unlock everything to unlock the whole

palette and on top of that you had to

play for at least 5 minutes on each of

those 9 days so it could potentially

take much longer for someone who had

better things to do with their life so

this video is going to show you how to

expedite that process because although

Nintendo's patch version 1.01

they say you have to have the patch for

this to work fix that there's no

indication or word on how to fix it