Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: How To UNLOCK Everything 100%! (Gold Parts, Gold Mario, & Alt Title Screens!)



so you want to unlock everything and

Mario crazy deluxe huh well if you're

coming from Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U

I've got some good news for you because

almost everything from that game is a

lock from the get-go including all the

tracks all the characters and all the

modes including near and 200cc but there

is one big exception being all the cart

parts plus a few other secret

unlockables - such as the gold cart

parts gold Mario and new tile screens

and we're going to show you how to

unlock them all in this video so let's

start with the unlockable cart parts of

which there are 52 in total for these

all you have to do is collect enough

coins while racing or battling to unlock

new parts of set intervals but the exact

part that you unlock is always random

now you can track how many coins you

collected via to play stats screen but

do keep in mind they can only earn up to

10 max per race or battle add in your

rate for every 30 coins you lock a new

part until you reach 450 coins at which

point the requirement changes and you'll

now unlock a new part for every 50 coins

up until 1500 coins where the

requirement changes one more time this

time unlocking a new part for every 100

coins up until the final normal parts of

the locked at 3100 coins but hold up

because there's still one part left they

can unlock via KOIN but it's not a

normal part it's a golden one the gold

glider specifically which requires a

whopping five thousand coins yeah it's

not cheap and it can take forever to

earn but luckily we just posted a video

that shows a quick way to earn cash fast

so make sure to check it out by clicking

the link in the description below now

besides the gold glider there are two

more gold parts for the gold standard

card you have to earn at least one star

in every Grand Prix and mirror mode the

amount of stars you earned by the way if

any is dictated by how many points you

have at the end of a Grand Prix

so try get 1st place as much as possible

finally for the gold tires you have to

beat every single time trial ghost on

150cc for all 48 tracks

yeah that's a lot of work but hey at

least you don't have to do it on 200cc -

alright so that's all the gold parts

unlocked but what about gold Mario well

for him all you have to do is get first

place in all 12 cups in 200cc as

signified by the gold trophy

okay so maybe it's not quite that easy

in practice but keep adding will be your

soon enough and finally if you want to

unlock the alternate title screens as

well as a final credit sequence get

first place overall at every grand prix

including 200cc and mir and there you

have it a tie to unlock everything in

mario crazy looks so thanks for watching

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