GTA Online - UNLOCK ALL CAR UPGRADES (Easiest & Fastest Way) [GTA V Multiplayer]

what is everybody the Saints fan and

today I'm gonna be showing you guys an

awesome tutorial on the easiest way to

unlock every vehicle upgrade in GTA

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so getting into what we're gonna be

doing so right here I'm actually showing

you guys obviously this is a muscle car

it's not a supercar and you're going to

see I go to turbo and it says I need

five more races to unlock that and then

I'm going to go to the engine and you're

going to see I think it's for upgrade to

I only need one more race to unlock that

now obviously the race is I'm gonna get

more into this in a second but you need

to win them you can't just participate

but that's why I make this video to show

you guys the easiest way to get all this

stuff unlocked so as you saw right there

1 in 5 so just remember those numbers

we're going to come back to those in a

second alright so the first things you

want to do to get everything started is

to start a race now if you don't how to

do that all you want to do is hit the

start button go into online go to jobs

go to host job and then you have to pick

Rockstar created and then this you can

choose any race you one I choose

criminal records because that is the

fastest one it takes about 30 seconds to

complete the race so that's a good one

in my you know my opinion but you can

choose whatever one you want it really

doesn't matter all you want to do is

pick a race and then host it and invite

one of your friends into the lobby now

for the race settings you can choose

whatever you want with day time you know

what if you want it raining or something

that really doesn't matter just make

sure you actually have super cars as the

class that you're going to be racing

with because for some reason when you

race with super cars and you win races

you actually like the upgrades for every

other type of class also to make it

quicker you should probably do one lap I

you know you start there's five I'm just

change it to one standard you know you

can leave that it doesn't really matter

what race type I don't think but as you

see right here these are some good

settings obviously you don't want

traffic want to level all that stuff off

but once you get all that stuff set up

all you don't want to do is start the

race so once you started the race you're

going to want to win you're gonna want

to make your friend just sit there you

know do nothing

like I said criminal records this is the

one it takes about 32 seconds I think as

you see right here but you want to win

the race obviously you can alternate

this with your friends if you wants the

engine and all that upgrades for the

cars as well you can go back and forth

but as you see I came in first and you

actually get about four thousand dollars

and I think about 1500 are

I think depending on like the times and

stuff what you do I think actually

depending on the race you actually have

more stuff so if you want to pick a

better race as more money you can do

that as well but like I said the main

reason I chose criminal records it's

because it's a short amount of time and

if you can do this watch 30 something

times to unlock the you know the engine

for upgrades and stuff for your vehicles

I think you're going to want to have a

short race just so you can get

everything out the way really quickly

but after the race is done like I said

you can just restart it you can maybe

alternate with your friends if y'all are

both going to do it to sort of get the

unlocks at the same time but you can

restart it now I'm not I'm gonna go to

free move to actually show you guys that

we did unlock the muscle car the engine

and we're actually one step closer or

one race closer with the turbo so when

the screen pops up like I said you just

hit replay but we're gonna go to free

move ok so we are back with the muscle

car and we brought it to the Custom Shop

and as you're going to see we actually

unlocked the engine to upgrade which

like I said before we needed one race to

complete and then we're going to go to

turbo and you're going to see we

actually need four more races to

complete where before we needed five so

for whatever reason Rockstar I don't

know if this is a glitch or not when you

race and you win with supercars you will

actually unlock all the you know the

upgrades and everything for every other

kind of car so I don't know if they're

gonna patch this soon so if you want to

do this now before they actually patch

this get all your upgrades and stuff so

have the best possible car you can go do

it with that is it with the video guys

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