Unlock ALL 25 Crossy Road Secret Characters | ALL UPDATES INCLUDED (DESCRIPTION)!

hello guys today I'll be showing you how

to get all 11 Crossy roads secret

characters first I'll show you all of

them and then we'll go into each one

this video is going to be very short I'm

going to explain everything very quickly

so you don't have to watch all 11 videos

of each character so we have hips are

well first gifty then the crab and all

these and they're going to be divided

into three or four different sections

first two are hipster well and gifty

then there's the Australian characters

then kai-shan the Chinese New Year

character and then the UK and Ireland

update secret characters if you prefer

to watch the end of individual videos

would give a bit more detail then you

can find those links in the description

so here's the last one the leprechaun

and now we'll go into hipster well slip

stir well can be found while playing

with any of the regular characters and

you see him in a river and then all you

have to do is jump on him and you'll get

the character next is gift II and gift

you have to be playing is the festive

chicken you'll be seeing you'll

sometimes encounter a field and in this

field is going to be a Christmas tree in

the middle use it to walk up to it

presents will explode out and then

you'll get the character next these are

all of the Australian characters that

you can play as in order to unlock the

Australian themed secret characters

everyone except for Z naught Z just the

other ones they're all animals that are

belong in Australia this is the secret

character the crab what you have to do

for that is use an Australian character

and you have to flick your finger back

and forth do these zigzags and I believe

you have to do around 50 of them and

then when your dial get the crab so all

you've to do is keep going back and

forth I didn't really count it how many

times I do it just do it a bunch of

times and then you'll eventually get the

crab the next character is the drop bear

and you also need to be playing as an

Australian character fitness and what to

do is sometimes as you play you'll see a

bear as you can see in the top right on

top of the tree just go near it it'll

jump on you and then you'll get the

character next we have the developer

characters the first one is Andy some

but for all of them you need to get a

high score or a great score a great

score is within 25 points of your

high score in order to unlock so Andy

some his favorite carriages the mallard

duck and whether all you need to use the

Dark Lord remember a high score a great

score and mad Hall you need to use the

lucky cat next we have Chi Shem the

Chinese New Year character and you need

to use the fortune chicken or Z and as

you play they're going to be these red

packets on the ground you need to

collect 20 or 21 or 22 I don't really

know the exact number across multiple

round doesn't have to be in one round

and then you'll get them next these are

all the UK characters that can be used

to unlock the UK secret characters hold

onto them excluding the address and the

llama the first character is the phone

box and it's kind of the same as gifty

where you can encounter a field the

phone box will be in the middle you walk

up to it you get the character

next is Nessie which is like hipster

well you'll see a Nessie floating in the

river you just have to jump on them and

then look at the character and the last

is the Leprechaun and the Leprechaun as

you play you'll see a clovers and

sometimes there's going to be a

four-leaf clover you pick it up and then

you'll get the character so that's it

for all the secret characters again if

you want to look into the description

for more information on individual

characters feel free to do so the links

will all be there thank you guys for

watching feel free to give this video a

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