the moment you've all been waiting for

how it all surely is hey what is going

on everybody area here from break the

Internet welcome back to another

snapshot video today on the channel now

as the intro says we're going to be

taking a look at how to get the rest of

the snapshot trophies within snapchat

this has been a comment that I've been

getting basically for the past three or

four months and we're finally making the

video today so to keep in mind today

we're only talking about six or seven of

them in this video because I've already

made other videos talking about how to

get the other ones that we already know

of so I'll go and leave a card right up

here on screen so click that if you want

to go and check out those videos but

without further ado guys let's finally

get into how to get the rest of the

snapchat trophies here on snapchat

alright guys so moving over the phone

section of today's video just to let you

know it's going to be a little bit of a

longer video just because I kind of have

to explain everything about each of

these do trophies so I'll probably have

some timestamps down in the description

below so you can go and just click to

the ones that you need to get to and the

ones that you haven't found out already

so let's go and move on over to the

phone I'm going to click my trophies up

here and the first new one you're going

to see is that we have this cool guy

right here with the sunglasses now

unfortunately the only way you can get

this one is if you have a pair of the

snapchat spectacles so once you get the

spectacles you're going to pair them to

your device and then you will then easy

enough get this trophy but like I said

if you don't have the spectacles then

you actually can't get this trophy

before we get into the next tip I need

to bring you guys into the settings

section so we can change the setting to

make it a little bit easier for you when

you're trying to go for these trophies

so what you're going to do is when

you're a snapshot go up to your settings

wherever the settings are go down to

memories and up here or down at the

bottom when you click Save to make sure

it's set to memories and camera roll

what this is going to do is when you go

let's just say I'm in my snapchat right

and I take a picture when I click this

Save button down here at the bottom left

it is going to save to my camera roll as

well as my memories and in the memories

we're going to have to deal with those

pictures I'll explain all that in just a

second so this next trophy is a really

good example of why we click save to

memories and camera

roll so this next one like I said is

going to be send a story from memories

so we're going to go over to the main

section we're going to swipe up to our

memories we're going to go it should it

would usually be on all but we're going

to swipe on over to snaps we're going to

click one of our snaps we're going to

hold down on it go up to the top right

and click create story from this snap so

once we do this there's going to be a

little red little red checkmark go to a

different like singular snap which to

say I wanted to do this one and I wanted

to do another one of these like crazy

accent don't ask we went on the trip

this weekend on how to make a bunch of

eggs for all the people anyway once we

have all this selected we're going to

click create a story and then we're

going to click send and you're going to

click send it to somebody so I'm just

going to go ahead and let's just send it

to I'm gonna set it to myself just so no

one gets any of this crazy story so

Aaron FPS right the internet I'm going

to send that and once you send it once

it's successfully send you will then get

the little white dots and you'll have

that trophy so the next trophy right

next to that is going to be search for

as snap in memories so this one's really

easy all you got to do is go back swipe

to memories up at the top left you see a

little search icon let's just say I

search car

I don't know once you search for it and

click it it'll bring up a bunch of

different snaps with a car in it I don't

know why it's not really loading but

once you do that you should have the

trophy and you should see the little

detective show up in your trophies panel

so this next one is this little disc

icon right up here and this is a

different tier so the first one is just

a little floppy disk you save ten snaps

to memories the next one is save a

hundred snaps to memories and last one I

don't have a lock and save a thousand

snaps and memories which I believe is

like a DVD disc and that's why we in

settings that's why we set it to save to

camera roll and to memories because all

you got to do is go to your camera or

whatever take a picture click save and

once you do that it'll save it to the

camera roll and memories and then you

unlock the trophy just do that ten

hundred or a thousand times to unlock

each tear so the next trophy is this

little blue icon which has created a

story and memories which we kind of did

for the first step of the white one so

if you're going for the white one you

already automatically get the blue and

the white together but if you're just

skipping directly to this trophy or to

this I guess part of the video all you

have to do is swipe up to your memories

go up to your snaps click one of the

pictures go hold down on it go to the

top right click create a story from snap

click another snap to create a story

once you click create a story and go

back into your memory SEC or go back

into your trophy section it should have

the blue dot unlocked next I don't

really know what to call this but it

looks like a CD and a CD case or kind of

like a record player I don't really know

but this is to save a story into memory

so rather than saving just a regular

snap into memories you're going to save

the entire story so right now I believe

I have a story up of like the lunar

eclipse so I just have a couple of snaps

in here instead of just clicking one of

them and clicking save you're going to

want to go up to my story up here click

this one and once you do that what do

you make sure that you have this setting

but we talked about earlier setting to

save to camera roll and to your memories

that should be good and when you go back

to it you should have an unlock next

trophy on the list is going to be to set

up my eyes only in memories so my eyes

only basically is a section of snapchat

where you can put snaps that you don't

want other people to see I'm not telling

you what to put in there but just know

that someone else won't be able to look

at it so when you what you want to do

here is go over swipe up to memories

once again and originally you'll

probably be in all and then you swipe

all the way over to my eyes only if you

haven't set it up yet then all you have

to do is on screen it should say like

create a passcode for my eyes only

confirm that passcode and it might tell

you to put in like an email or something

like that in case you forget the

password so you can reset that so like I

said not saying what to put in there and

what not to put in there but just make

sure that you remember that passcode you

might be telling yourself those aren't

all the trophies you're missing a couple

on there well that's completely true and

here's why so at the bottom down here

you see that I still have three trophies

that aren't unlocked the first one is

one that came out a long time ago and

that's the Sun icon that says to take a

snap that's over a hundred degrees

honestly I've never been anywhere this

year that's been over a hundred degrees

or that I've caught this filter so

unfortunately I haven't been able to get

that one

the next trophy on here that I don't

have unlocked unfortunately is the

little world or the little earth icon

and that is to get your snapchat

published to a live story so when you're

on snapchat you take a snap and you

click the send button sometimes it says

like send to let's just say a valentine

story or Mother's Day story if your

snapchat is gets published in there then

it'll actually give you that world icon

like I said I I guess I'm not good

enough to get published on there but

once I do I'll definitely get you guys

updated and send a little picture

let you know that I undid unlock the

trophy and the last trophy down here

that I don't have unlocked is going to

be a TV emoji now that is going to be to

get your snap posted on to a local story

so once again if you take a snapchat and

you send and let's say you're in New

York or Chicago or wherever you live it

says to post it to the local story you

click that and if it gets published then

you will get that snapchat trophy like I

said I guess I'm not good enough to get

posted to local or live stories so if

you do that and make it on there

definitely send me a screenshot or

comment that you have one of those and

you'll probably hurt my feelings a

little bit but that's how you get all

the trophies I'm not going to do a

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