UNDER 90 MINUTES, Fastest Way to Unlock Characters in Smash Ultimate - Works on 2.0+

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What's going on boys and girls what's up we're all to Austin John plays here and

today I'm gonna be going over the proven fastest way to unlock every single

character in Super Smash Brothers ultimate including one that you're going

to achieve in about 90 minutes

first of all there is a lot of not complete information going around the

internet right now as far as how to unlock characters and what criteria is

actually required for them to unlock it Super Smash Brothers ultimate this is

what I do really well in figuring these things out there are essentially five

different ways you can unlock characters via three different means so the first

way is you're going to go into world of light you're going to go through and

you're gonna unlock characters in a very very slow method it's a one player game

when you unlock characters in the spirits menu and world of light it's

going to lock them in Smash as well as classic mode to complete world of light

and unlock every single character you're going to be playing for approximately

twenty to sixty hours that has to do with how well you do in the game and

battling and how much you need to grind and also if you're using a guide on what

characters Tom Locke by the way tomorrow I have a video coming out a complete

world of light walkthrough how to unlock every character with only world of light

you could also go into classic mode classic mode is essentially you going on

this giant board and you choosing whatever character you're going to be

playing as you go through sort of a arcade style the same way that it was in

Super Smash Brothers 64 when you start up the game you only have access to the

eight characters from smash 64 being Mario Donkey Kong Lynx Samus Yoshi Kirby

foxy Pikachu let me explain the classic unlock order so if you play as Mario

once you complete classic mode regardless of the difficulty level you

have a chance he'll knock sonic and then as Mario or Sonic you have a chance

once you complete classic mode telemark bayonetta and then as Mario Sonic or

Bayonetta you can unlock Little Mac as enter those

four you can unlock Mike as any of those five you can unlock Luigi as any of

those six you can unlock Roy as any of those seven you can unlock doctor Mario