stop right there

we already know what you're thinking

you're thinking of going straight to the

comments and rating I'm knocking

characters that's not a pro thing that's

an easy thing for tiny baby children

gamers what is this a video for the

little baby guides calm well calm down

there big shot unlocking characters at a

quick rate is one of the most common and

earliest problems of competitive smash

see if you're organizing a big

tournament and you've promised 800

million friendly setups for your 11

billion competitors you gotta make sure

those setups have everything unlocked

for some tournaments organizers have

even had to ask volunteers to come in

beforehand and grind out those unlocks

in fact when smash ultimate was

announced a lot of big voices in the

competitive community asked Nintendo for

an option to pay for the fully unlocked

version and Sakurai said no so

speedrunning that character select menu

is still more important than you might

think and we've got all the frame

perfect ball clips and out-of-bounds

tricks you'll need to a hundred percent

this bad boy so fast that your eyes will

burst open like water balloons from the

raw g-force if your unlock rate okay

maybe not that fast but pretty fast and

don't worry you don't actually have to

learn any frame perfect' wall hacks now

it has been a calendar year since the

game came out making the topic a little

stale so we're gonna theorycraft and try

and throw in a few new best practices to

get characters it will add in some extra

stuff too you know just to keep things

fresh and if you're looking to speedrun

your skill level and unlock your true

potential go ahead and look at pro

guides com we've got even more great

content over there like a live coaching

platform and yep you guessed it guides

from pros like MK AOE Sam and more ok

now let's get moving first off you got

three basic ways to unlock characters

playing games of Smashing vs. mode

playing classic mode and if you're a

masochist slash JRPG fan world of light

world of light is easily the longest

method and requires you to put up with

stuff like that one map where there's

like six Inklings and they all have

missile launchers the second fastest way

is to play classic mode classic mode is

also the best way to target specific

characters e1 on lock once you be

classic mode a new character will pop up

and challenge you and

return to the menu beat them and you get

them you know the drill what you might

not know is the order for classic mode

unlocks and you're probably not gonna

guess it cuz it's total nonsense you

might expect the completing samus's

classic mode would get you Dark Samus

nope inkling because just as Samus is a

merciless bounty hunter raised by Birds

inkling as a merciless bounty hunter

raised by squids we haven't played

splatoon but pretty sure that's canon

luckily we've had a convenient

infographic for a while take a look at

first glance it's a little confusing and

it's also in Japanese so you got to

learn kanji okay not really all you have

to do is look at the pictures basically

each character's classic mode unlocks

the character under them if you already

unlocked that character then it'll

unlock the next character under for

example if you already unlocked the

nests and you play Kirby's classic mode

you'll unlock Jigglypuff so if you'll

want to unlock your main the quickest

way is usually to follow this chart but

some characters are quicker via the

versus mode like Zelda you can get an

idea by comparing this chart to this one

from redditor Mick Gustavo this chart

lists the order you unlock characters in

versus mode it's worth noting that

there's gonna be a 20-minute lead time

on versus mode unlock so if you wanted

to unlock Ness it might be faster in

classic mode even though he's the very

first versus online other characters

like Marth and Sheik are super fast to

unlock in world of light because they're

right at the start of the map and some

characters are far down every list and

just plain slow to unlock like cloud for

those characters the optimal versus

route is gonna be your best bet classic

mode might be the most fun and varied

way to unlock characters by yourself but

you want to go fast you need to go fast

and this third round is by far the most

optimal and fastest you understand yeah

come on the third route is based on a

simple principle with a few complex

parameters after playing a versus game

you'll unlock a character however to

make it so progression wouldn't feel too


Nintendo put in two limits the first

limit is a 10-minute flat stop gap

between each character unlock you cannot

unlock a new character until you've

spent ten minutes in game but you can

get around this pretty easily

you just have to go to the home menu and

restart the software the second limit is

where things get weirder you have to

meet a certain rubric before you start

unlocking characters the community

doesn't agree just what the rubric is

but it's likely distance traveled time

spent in game or raw inputs recorded

combine these two limits and you've got

one accepted optimal strategy first you

create a 20-minute time game with

hazards off and all items off except the

bunny hood then you either set the match

to two player and use two controllers

Sakurai style or you put on a level one

CPU now you pick a nice long stage you

can run on some good examples are a mega

forum stages more eight hours Hyrule

Castle and Mario Bros now when the

community is split on what exactly to do

here you either should just run as much

as possible to cover the most distance

possible or you should basically click

as many buttons as possible so that you

log as many inputs as possible either

way it'll be kind of dull so maybe put

on a podcast to occupy your mind during

this incredibly menial task now you

should have satisfied the game's

parameters and can unlock characters now

create a one stock roll set and go back

into vs mode and immediately SD then

you'll get that classic Challenger

approaching warning and you'll get to do

your thing after you unlock to that CPU

you restart the software go into vs mode

SD again and rinse and repeat it's no

melee break the targets but hey we've

got some speed running optimization and

ultimate if you end up losing to the CPU

no shame it happens to everybody

well except us as all of you know we've

got tons of experience fighting the CPUs

but if you lose to the CPUs you'll

eventually get an option to rematch them

to unlock them it's in the corner of the

games and more screen and the game will

prompt to you when it first appears the

last thing to know is that if you do

this on a secondary profile sometimes

we're starting the software just won't

work in that case you've got to go back

to the time match and mess around some

more or just leave it on in the

background if this method starts to get

boring you can always mix and match you

can take a break and play a little

classic mode or world of light anyways

today's topic was a pretty simple one so

that's all we got

whether you're helping out a tio or

creating a new accounts or just got the

game we hope this helps you out no no we

are not done here we

and go faster we must go faster and by

God we will go faster excuse me to do

that we gotta go to the speedrunners the

world record speed run for unlocking all

characters in versus mode is held by

Jimmy caldera at two hours 59 minutes

and 34 seconds Jimmy called arrow made a

few important additions to the vs run

first during his 20 minute time match he

was sure to pick the fastest character

he had Foxx

that way he can travel more distance or

put out more inputs after he did the

20-minute time match he selected the

flat zone map just as go hit the screen

he SD by running off the stage you can

actually do this so fast that the timer

doesn't even appear then he played

Donkey Kong a heavy-hittin character to

get kills quickly but is 2 hours 59

minutes and 34 seconds the fastest we

can go with just four logs runs on speed

run calm this can be optimized further

the first optimization is simple play

banjo instead of DK if you have all the

DLC characters then banjo is the best

choice for killing CPU is early because

their AI brains aren't going to

understand how to deal with wonder wing

you just have to damage them a little

lure them to the side of the stage and

land a strong wonder wing

now the second optimization is tricky

and depends on one crucial fact that the

game needs distance traveled not inputs

this is still a contentious point

youtuber Austin John tested inputs and

running and found running more effective

however speedrunners thus far have been

using the input method not the running

method if it's all about travelling

distances then we can make the time

section more efficient by picking sonic

but Sonic's not a starter character we

hear you say that's true but to get them

you just have to beat Mario's classic

mode at the lowest difficulty even an

inexperienced Mario could complete

classic mode in less than 5 minutes then

you'll immediately unlock sonic who has

nearly two-thirds more run speed than

Fox 2.40 2 compared to 3.85 sonic has

about 1.6 times the speed of Fox

theoretically this means he'll cover the

distance Fox covers in 20 minutes and

roughly twelve and a half minutes that's

about seven and a half minutes we're

shaving off easily worth the five spent

in classic mode

take into account that Jimmy called

arrow had to do a 20-minute time match

twice during his run and we're

potentially saving even more time gotta

go fast so the new theoretically fastest

model we're proposing is to instantly

unlock Sonic through Mario's classic

mode from there we play with Sonic

during the 20 minute time match and

after this we switched to banjo to face

the CPUs now keep in mind this theory

isn't fully tested and speed and

distance measurements may work in

unpredictable ways but but but wait is

all this worth it

is it done locking characters the most

fun when done organically isn't it truly

best to see the Challenger approaching

menu after a free-for-all with friends

or a classic mode with your favorite

character and isn't there room for

compromise grinding to get some

characters and taking a break with more

fun game modes no no speed is what

matters and for one final tip on what

also matters is make sure you don't

waste any more frames and subscribe to

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