CROSSY ROAD All 22 Secret Characters Unlock | NEW Christmas Update Yeti & Purple Bloop ☆13

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Jiri io youtube almost given with them

today we're going to show you how to

unlock all 22 secret characters in

crossroads we will begin with the latest

Christmas and Monument Valley update and

show you the classic secret characters

after that tell us in the comments which

character is your favorite bun give us a

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upcoming awesome videos and let's go now

we're going to show you how to unlock

the new secret character called purple

blue to unlock purple blue you have to

play the new graveling character both of

them are characters in the game called

clicker heroes and addicting clicker

game or the purple group among its just

said that you have to beat an enemy with

the level over 35 i unlock trouble to

three times so far and in g IG enemies

above level 35 but one time I wasn't

able to unlock through the group even

though I beat the cross character last

level 35 so our guesses that is rather a

certain amount of taps and swipes in one

game than the exact level of the enemy

won't like it must be around 500 taps

and swipes in one game which is usually

the amount of caps when you will need