NBA 2K17 How to Unlock ALL BADGES!! How to Get EVERY Badge Fast! Ultimate Badge Tutorial | PeterMc

what's an ice creature here back with a

huge video today is going to be hard to

get every badge in NBA three i-17 I'm

going to be telling you guys how to get

all badges and also give you guys some

tips to get those badges faster how to

get a bunch of them at once and just

make grinding badges a lot more

efficient for you guys so I guess you

can kind of look at this as an

introduction to all the basket Orioles

so if you want me to do any specific

badges let me know in the comment

section below there's a lot of badges

that you guys think you might know how

to get but I have a lot of methods that

you guys certainly don't know that will

help you get badges so much faster that

a lot of youtubers haven't really told

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had those notifications I'm got a quick

cutscene before the game starts but

let's get right into it now one of the

criticisms of the Clippers in recent

years is the idea that that their

floppers does that reputation heard them

Shaq the other definitely have some

flowers on the roster but as a team it

isn't as bad as their reputation Doc

Rivers told him to quit bluffing last

year and when Doc talk the kids listen

I'll tell you what they are really

playing aggressive defense now they are

playing solid man-to-man you have to go

through them where and passionate in

everything let me see your best flop

another flub room you see your best flop

oh you hit me wait see the flop happens

before you look at so real

ready oh you're excellent here's Kevin

Harley he's great too okay so first of

all I do highly recommend that you grand

for all of your badges on rookie

difficulty now the reason for this is it

might say a temp which you would think

doesn't make a difference input on Hall

of Fame but basically a lot of badges

you'll get a lot faster if you get more

skills and skills really do matter on

rookie difficulty if you play hall of

fame you're going to get a lot less

skills and your badges will just come a

lot less I'm I guess quick I mean I just

find it a lot easier to get badges on

rookie because I steal the ball more and

that just gives you more

more time to get to that so I would

grind up rookie and also you're going to

be grunting promoter badges at once and

it's going to be very unlikely that all

the badges that you ran before at that

time are only attempts right so just

keep that in mind that's why I would

plan on Hall of Fame now a really useful

rule of thumb I like to use when

grinding for badges is just think of

when the badge will activate and then

just do that while you're grinding for

badges so for example diamond activate

swing in assists so just get assists for

that limitless range activates when you

should limitless range out or just a

really deep range shot that's what you

got to do for the badge and that goes

for pretty much every badge now some a

little bit more specific and that's why

you do batching tours but that's just a

really good rule of thumb to use just

see what the badges does when you're

grinding for any of your badges just

think of one with that badge activate

and you've probably seen other people

activate it you probably know what the

badge does so just think when it

activate and then just repeatedly do

that that's a really good rule of thumb

I like to use when grinding for badges

so that does kind of apply to pretty

much every bench now the next rule um I

kind of like to use that it's not as

useful as that one but in case you get a

little bit stuffed in case you didn't

know when that badge would activate

exactly what that badge does just take a

look at the name of the badge I mean

it's just kind of self-explanatory

especially for a lot of them I mean even

diamond like I just said diming throwing

diamonds is this loss let me looks range

you have a little illustration jump

shots so you got to be able to shoot the

grain shot anything like that and go

break you just got to do a bunch of

crossovers and I mean you know what I

mean so a lot of the badges in addition

to just thinking of when they would

activate also helps if you do like if

you really don't know that to just think

of the name and just go on from there

because pretty much all the badges are

named the way they are for a reason

right so there's a couple exceptions to

that but I'm just going to be honest so

those two tips really do come in handy

they apply to pretty much all badges so

that's why I wanted to share with you

now this will also apply to getting

muzzle badges at once so when you're

running for your badges obviously it'll

be more effective if you grind from

multiple badges at once remember to also

be grinding or always be grinding for a

defensive badge as well as your

offensive badges smalls


all senses but there's two sides of the

basketball there's two sides of the game

and we've got to be always active trying

to guys like trying to grab your badges

I guess you could say and you can see

I'm doing a variety of things in this

video to grind for different badges like

there's like why just a right there does

realist finisher you always got to be

active running for your badges

specifically on sequence you always want

to be grinding for a defensive badge so

for example I'll pick dodges if you see

your opponent's that scranton you just

make sure you run around it and have it

go towards that badge the offensive

Stoppers a really important badge so

make sure it's still playing defense

because you got to get shot contested to

that just pickpocket make sure you're

trying to steal the ball all those will

really come in handy and defensive

badges are really important especially

defensive stopper so always running for

your defensive values but you're on

offense just always think of the badges

you can ground you've got to be all

business you got to always be doing

something that goes towards the badge so

I had an example in my whole fame badges

video where I can get all my Hall of

Fame badges at once but not even for

holiday measures you can see me doing a

variety of things in this game play for

shooting three-pointers going for

relentless finisher by shooting

contested layups one-man fast racing you

see right there I should get a steal I

think I don't know yeah he'll borrow in

the score and they get a seal so that

one towards pickpocket like all this

stuff it's just actively grinding for

badges and this will really help you get

them at once because if you're only

thinking about getting one badge you're

going to be restricting yourself like to

what you're doing when you're playing

and that will really help you get your

badges slower don't think I was just

getting one badge at the time as fast as

you can think of getting multiple badges

if while you're playing your micro games

you're always thinking oh what can I do

to always be doing something towards a

badge so what can be doing to get this

badge if I get this open shot that'll

bow towards dispatch doing this on

defense will pretend to stop there stuff

like that as long as you're always

thinking what can I do to make something

go towards a certain badge that will

help you get your badges so much faster

you got to be all business and running

your badges and also I mean this will

house for me because grinding badges can

get extremely boring

I usually just watch something or listen

to something whether it's music or just

watch these YouTube videos or like

watching a stream it will really help me

describe your badges and others all come


you you'll get your badges way faster

than other temples yo so I got some soda

some chips and salsa I think whatever

bro all right no salsa here come the

finger roll place that's right let's get

it started slowly

yo man in college we used to play for

Gatorades oh we just like a meal swipes

oh man I missed those days they said you

only went for one season oh my god

please keep reminding me mr. four

seasons of college bass guitar eight

four years okay the only difference is

when it was time to leave I was ready to

go yeah I mean I guess I just felt like

I left some behind you know like we

still have more to do my just hindsight

I don't know about that look man the

best thing you can do is make the most

of the present the past it only feeds

the future you write about that hey four

years of college degree

boy are you smart whatever man I pass

the remote let's get it started my

weight should not the rest of this Bulls

game see how they everywhere okay that's

how we got to be the hangman it's like

they're suffocating the court exactly

you know we got to find out how to do


mm-hmm how to put that squeeze on them

that's where squeeze that fresh-squeezed

orange juice fresh-squeezed orange and

all right squeeze orange always just

wait Claudia when we scored man yeah

orange juice yeah it's something like

this like that huh yeah yeah squeeze the

juice yeah we put the squeeze on squeeze

come down the court low alley-oop yo

Chris they gonna flip when they see

Jesus free all right so I hope this did

help you because this is what really

helps me get all my badges as soon as I

could in I just want to make a general

video that would help and apply to all

badges so anyways thank you guys for

watching I'm gonna really get into the

specifics and these really good methods

for these badges when I do get into the

basket Orioles so stay tuned for those

make sure you guys smash that like

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one piece