Unlock All Characters And Stages! - Super Smash Bros. Melee

over the past decade numerous heroes

were watched by unknown being having

their actions recorded and acknowledged

the special abilities and fighting

clouds were analyzed in research in 2001

no we're not we're not we're not doing

we're not doing this again it was a

stupid thing then it's even cringy or

three years later just just start the

video just move on and then pieces


in this unlocking video I will be going

through characters and stages and how I

feel is the best way to unlock them

however all possible ways to unlock your

character or stage will be mentioned

also note that in melee the a of

unlockable characters lowers as you

progressed so if you want you can leave

certain characters towards the end after

a harder challenges although keep in

mind this is melee AI so yeah Jake will

talk to the simplest character to unlock

all you have to do is complete either

the classic for adventure mode on any

difficulty of your choosing

alternatively you can play 50 vs matches

of any kind I recommend that you simply

go through plastic mode as it will be

needed later once the challenge of your

choosing is finished do give up will

challenge you on plug once am defeater

to unlock the next character you'll want

to unlock it's dr. Mario simply go

through classic or adventure mode at

Mario and complete without using a

continue on any difficulty alternatively

you can play a hundred vs. matches of

any kind to unlock once again I

recommend classic mode for later

unlocked dr. Mario will challenge you on

Princess Peach's castle so quickly

defeat them to unlock a movie you want

to head to adventure vote on any

difficulty to unlock Luigi and stage one

of this mode across the finish line when

there is a time and even two

intersection milliseconds in DNA doing

this subtly G to replace Mario is in

expel state Luigi and Peach in under a


and then completes the rest of the

venture without any continue you can

also do 800 vs matches to unlock them if

you're that bored Luigi will fight you

at Mushroom Kingdom - you have no idea

how hopeful I was just there

defeat Luigi to add them to your roster


this next election be done later on if

you're having trouble with the game

Falco can be unlocked like sleeve 100

man mail like this can be painful if you

have terrible luck like me wearing the

bonds appear out of nowhere you can also

just use 300 vs. matches instead to

unlock it Falco when finally summoned

will fight you on battle field around

him and unlock him young league is the

reason you should have been locked

Jigglypuff and dr. Mario with classic

mode complete classic mode with 10

different characters to must be linked

and Zelda are chic if you don't want to

do this and you can't play out by 100 vs

matches because you hate yourself

generally will be fought a great base so

simply throw them into the stage to win


much can be unlocked in three ways one

of which you have now done low stuff you

must complete classic mode with all 14

starter characters you can use of all at

least once in versus mode or plays 400

versus matches it should be obvious

which one you should choose between

those options I personally recommend

just playing each character in one

versus match as a once I've met with a

light character can take no more than 30

seconds just be sure the last character

you play as it's the one you want to

fight Martha I'm like me who forgot

Kirby existed till the very end

Mars will fight I'll found the dreams

because akkanee had never came to be

take him out to unlock him


work can be unlocked right after Mars

you can either a complete classic mode

or debentures mode as marked on any

difficulties but you cannot use a

continue alternatively you know you can

play nine hundred merciful matches I

mean why not world will be fought on

temples defeat him and unlock the

inferior clone that you all claim you

actually like I know you're all lying

here standoff requires finally attacking

the event match mode sets of events are

a lot as you play completing six out of

the first ten events unlocks events

eleven through fifteen completing ten

events out of the first fifteen elec 16

through 20 16 of those first 20 on large

21 through 25 22 I was the first 25 a

lot to Ben 26 229 929 Triforce gathering

is ganders avenging defeat Ganondorf in

the event without allowing Zelda's vko

after this can record once again

challenge you on final destination and

you will be forced to play as link this

way you can also just play 600 vs

matches to fight them instead as the

character of your choice defeat him to

unlock captain Triforce as for the alert

event completing 27 out of the 29 event

unlocks event 30 by completing 27 out of

the 30 event and also having Jigglypuff

Luigi dr. Mario young link and falco

unlock brings about events 31 to 39 and

then 40 to 50 will be in lot after

unlocking all their characters and

having 27 mission finish

event 51 will be unlocked once you

complete all events one through 50

teach you also requires an event to be


first unlock event 37 legendary Pokemon

in this event you must defeat several

wireframes and Jigglypuff who is their

only means of direct combat both you and

J clubs must race to pick up pokeballs

before the other each summoning either a

legendary Pokemon or Wobbuffet okay the

theme drink about first make system much

easier once the event is completed

teacher will challenge you to a battle

in Pokemon Stadium

alternatively you can just play 200

matches which is one of the more viable

methods as 200 matches is required for

stage later on defeating teach you on

lockdown welcome to the world of joke


Mewtwo is pretty easy to unlock so long

as you have four controller when if you

require that versus mode be played for a

combined total of 20 hours

note the word combined as this means

combine the play types of player one two

three and four this means each player

would only have to play five hours plug

in all your controllers and select their

characters they say gave me stock match

which isn't it time vertical match then

turn off your TV and go do something I

don't know wait that's always good once

the required time is pad as shown now on

screen you will be challenged by Mewtwo

on final destination with polka slopes

in the background because why you could

also play 700 versus matches but that's

not exactly clear so long as you're

about to go to bed a completely to

analog no matter what game and watch

will be the last character you unlock he

also has several methods to be unlocked

you can do one of four things you can

either a complete classical mode

adventure mode or target test with the

other point four characters where is out

in Tier one or complete 1000 versus

mention I highly recommend you to target

test as you will unlock dreamland by

doing target test with all 25 characters

anyways in watch will value upon

completion on flat zone the freedom and

a lot the best character in the series

who was never actually finished for this

game just wait til bran with GG friends

they just all have their own single ways

of being a lot some easier than others

four stages requires a certain amount of

bursts of matches to be played rinse our

deaths is the first evita a mere 50

matches the easiest way to do this is

set the game to one stock play a

thousand against a level one Pichu

imagines will last no more than 10

seconds the fiftieth match automatically

unlocks the stage

4sy requires a hundred verses mentioned

to be played once again just Lea stop

getting to use Neola like characters to

get matches done in your second poor

side the stage that works against it

only character will be invoked big blue

will require 150 first match it to be

played capable Falcon like characters or

at this point be bored and just start

using random characters and soon the

stage will be your hookup listen to the

last verses match stage to be unlocked

requiring a total of 200 vs. matches you

know the drill by now thousand four

character yada yada that's worst stage

in the series is yours

gremlin is an easy stage from lock duty

you possibly already doing most of the

criteria while unlocking gamer washing

jinglun is a lot by completing target

test with all 25 characters in the game

if you did target test for gain and

watch just quickly do his target test

and it's only tournament legal stage and

64 is yours battlefield is another stage

it has been a lot after getting all

characters when all characters are

unlocked all star mode is made available

by completing this with any character on

any difficulties battlefield becomes a

playable station versus mode Yoshi's

Island is another easy stage to unlock

you must hit 1312 point 4 feet in the

home run contest with any character the

to see this character do this are

Ganondorf and funnily enough Yoshi Ganon

has heavy attacks whereas he or she has

this flutter kick since then by flying

and the stage will be yours flat zone is

an easy Dacian unlock you must simply

complete cleft mode on any difficulties

with mr. game launch once this is done

button will be a lot for you to enjoy

okay so Mushroom Kingdom - is a face

that can be hard or easy to unlock

depending on your own luck to unlock it

you might have to collect either the

bird o or the pigeon show P both of

these are random collectibles Virgo is

available at the start of the game

whereas picture becomes available after

completing classic and adventure 1

speech the trophies can be found in one

player modes or in the lottery it is

completely up to luck to get them

funnily enough a trophy is randomly

given to the player when a savefile

started this can be the Bertil tribute

so you can be very lucky and a lots of

stage immediately otherwise get to

grunting those hard to get coin enjoy


Congo jungle is one of the two hardest

ages to unlock you must survive an

entire round of 15-minute melee this can

be made simple by using donkey kong of

all characters go to the middle of

battlefield and spam the absolute hell

out of hand slap this will one-hit ko

every enemy but you can be hit out of

the mood on top of that bombs spawn

constantly in multi man and you will pie

possibly hit a bomb that just happens

bond right next to you if you manage to

get through the bun matching without

getting carpal tunnel Congo jungle will

finally be your final destination is the

other hardest stage to unlock you are

required to unlock event 51 the final

showdown which is somebody clearly a

little--it event this event pits you

against Giga Bowser Mewtwo and Ghandour

who consistently BS their way to victory

I recommend stopping for this as the

knees knock back T's enemies away kill

Giga Bowser first and then focus on this

agenda vision AI can be tricked by Giga

Bowser into suicide if it's pushed off

an edge while charging Shadow Ball

Ganon will be a major headache as he

stands dark tile grabbing you when

you're trying to attack when the event

is cleared final destination will

finally be playable


you follow discards Congrats you have

all the characters and stages a lot see

more of the games check out my let's

play it's super smash bros melee well

check it out if you aren't already in

Lily fan or else you're going to get

more pissed off at me than I do at this