How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8

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Aaron here for Zolo Tech and I wanted to

show you how to unlock the Samsung

Galaxy s8 this is actually locked to

AT&T and if we want to use it on another

network such as t-mobile or any other

GSM carrier worldwide we'll need to

unlock it so I've partnered with the

unlocking company to actually sponsor

this video so that we can unlock the

phone now the first thing we need to do

in order to do that is to get the IMEI

number so to do that we go into the

dialer then we're going to dial star

pound zero six pound once this pops up

we'll take the number and we need to go

over to the unlocking company comm so

that we can actually get our unlock code

so let's do that now we're at the

unlocking company comm and the first

thing we need to do is select our

manufacturer so we'll select Samsung and

then we'll scroll down until we get to

this Galaxy s8 and you'll see that

there's an awful lot of different

devices that they support as well so

we'll select s8 and then we'll click on

unlock now on this screen we need to

select the country we purchased it from

and then we need to select the carrier