How To Open A New Etsy Account (If They Deactivated Your First Account For No Reason...)


what's up guys Ryan here so today I

wanted to do a quick video just talking

about how to get a second Etsy seller

account in case your first account was

closed for any reason and let me just

give some context here so I I guess long

story short I had a website that I made

in college I'm a web developer so this

website was just a pure passion project

it helped me learn how to build websites

and over time it inadvertently and

unexpectedly grew to a really I don't

know what to say like large website like

it gets a couple hundred thousand hits a

month and ranks number one on a bunch of

its primary keywords and I run some

Google ads make a little bit of side

income there but the point of me sharing

that was that my first Etsy account I

tried to sell basically a handmade

product which by the way at C's the

handmade marketplace so it seemed like a

perfect fit and I tried to sell it on

Etsy I tried to list it everywhere

possible this is like my first little

introduction to e-commerce but it was

like my first kind of like business

approach to e-commerce beyond just

selling stuff on eBay and Craigslist and

it sold like one unit in like a year so

it was a pretty big failure and it's

just cuz like I didn't validate that the

didn't the niche I tried to create

demand for something that nobody's

looking for

lesson learned either way it's fine but

Etsy ended up closing my account because

they said the product didn't fit the

look and feel of their marketplace and

Etsy has like prosthetic penises for

sale on their marketplace Etsy has like

ridiculous things on their marketplace I

don't know why I said prosthetic penises

but one time it showed up in my home

page like and it's like blurred out but

you can clearly see and it's like what

is Etsy doing banning my account for

selling something handmade that was fine

like literally like nothing it wasn't

like inauthentic nothing like that it

was it's it was just fine Fred sees

marketplace from my perspective but they

closed my account and they let this

other dude sell I mean there's a bunch

of weird stuff on Etsy this just put it

that way not that I've dug too deep but

somehow they decided that a prosthetic

penis should show up on my homepage and

I clicked it to make sure that's what it

was and that's

it was and that they're doing just fine

but they closed my first account so then

in order for me to like sell

print-on-demand on it see I had to open

up a second account well lesson learned

and sorry that I took so long talking if

you just want to know how to open that

second account now is where the value

starts but if you open a second account

and you tie it in any way shape or form

to that first one like using the same

address using the same credit card will

absolutely get you

they algorithmically match and close the

second account automatically and if you

try to have it reviewed you're not gonna

get it reopened now I've had buddies who

started selling on Etsy and I warned

them hey Etsy is really quick to closed

accounts for no reason and then sure

enough they got their account closed and

they had to ask for a manual review and

then upon manual review got their

account reopened with no reason for the

account getting closed in the first

place I don't know if Etsy still

district but if you're watching this

video chances are maybe the same thing

happened to you and they might be so if

you get your account reviewed and cannot

get it back what you need to know about

opening that next account is that you

cannot link it to the first one in any

way so this is exactly what I did my

first account was in my business name so

they did have my personal name but it

was really primarily under the business

name meaning I had the business credit

card there too and my billing

information might be what they did the

match on because my second account

doesn't use my business info it uses my

personal info completely different

credit cards and I've had no problems

after years right but when I opened up a

second account it instantly got closed

because they were able to like just use

automation to link that to my first

account which was closed so that's all

you really needed to know I this was

definitely a long-winded way of telling

you that but I've seen people in my

Facebook group saying hey Etsy closed my

account you know it's not uncommon to

see that in facebook groups on the

internet if you google it it's it's one

of the first thing that pops up so um

it's unfortunate I wish I could tell you

why they do it I have no clue like I I

mean literally no clue if manual review

doesn't get your account back just be

very careful you might have the opposite

approach that I did so I opened my first

account in my business name

if you don't have a business you may

need to incorporate and use the business

as your and then open a credit card as

well in the business name and go that

route it doesn't hurt to have the second

option for @cn for beyond Etsy anyways

guys I hope this helps if you're new

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