How to Uncap Eternals or Guild War Characters to five stars

hi everyone this is gun you're Cuba

corrector or eternal is now ring at D

you just finish fighting them and unlock

a special fate

episode like this but the problem is we

can't start the quest because we don't

have a pure weapon soul so how do we get

this pure weapon saw to uncap I'll give

our characters to five stars I will tell

you all the necessary steps and tips in

this video time stems are available

under the video description please

remember to check it out so there can

save you time and skip to the step you

want to know more alright basically you

only need to go through four steps to

uncap if you're correct us it's


traverse them but not difficult step

number one we need to farm angel hello

for silver la and civil relic shot every

time when it do end your hello in

extreme mode this chance for you to

trigger and your hello helmet in helmet

again there is a chance okay now every

time but a chance for ng hello to

transform into a weapon at 50% HP based

on Tim's lineup for example if you have

answer in the team it doesn't matter

whether she's in your man team or sub

team when ng hello transforms it would

turn into a gun when you have both CA

and essa in the team you either turn

into a sword or a gun during

transformation so it's better for you to

bring one your character at a time so

that you can focus and collect a

particular type of civil relic this way

when the angel hello transforms into a


you get one silver relic shot for sure

yes 100 percent drop rate you may also

get a silver relic to drop when you're

really lucky you can use tangible relic

shots to exchange for one silver Ellie

in the shop the helm of fight is pretty

tough and time-consuming if the angel

hello didn't transform basically there

is no need for you to continue the fight

because it drops nothing but some of

orders you should retreat save time and

continue to farm extreme ng hello again

I strongly recommend you to farm this


during half a peep or be be fast because

it could save you a lot of potions step

number two now we have a tree style

civil relic with us we need to uncap

this weapon to four stars

demands are pretty easy to get just 300

weapon fragments if you want to uncap a

gun you need 300 gun fragments and 300

salmon fragments of each element step

number three now the silver relic is

fully uncap we move into the next stage

and craft a golden weapon relic yes

golden moon first we need to craft six

weapon relics from rusty weapons and

then we need a gova from you war or the

rise of the bees event we also need

Damascus crystals which are very easy to

get from all kind of events ten service

entrance you can get them from brandy

roast wing high level or ultima Bahamut

then also exchange one silver centrum

per month from shop using Randy Hans

last but not least five legendary merits

and thirty distinctions from shop

however one thing is missing here how

are we going to get these star fragments

you can actually get these fragments

from bricking fully and capua weapons

yes fully uncap cube war weapons you can

only get 50 star fragments or weapon so

if you want to get one her star

fragments that means you have to break

to two swords two spirits two guns extra

so if you want to fully and kept all the

dual characters to five stars

we need 30 gold bars in total okay time

to enjoy this lovely moment

I'm actually breaking to go boss


alright now the golden weapon rally is

done same here we have to break this

weapon too and this is where you get a

pure weapon so now we can finally

proceed with your Guha correctors fair

episode you need to challenge them to a

series of fights even if you fail the

quest don't worry

because once the pure weapon soul is

consumed you can retry the quest over

and over again you don't need to get a

new weapon so for this animal

you can uncap a favorite character to

one Herot after clear the fate episode

but of course you need some masks like

tony Centrum's

10 urns and two spirits these things are

all very easy to get as long as you join

enough matters so this is how you uncap

your google characters to 5 stars

i've also prepared a link to the

pictures of each single step under the

video description so it's easier for you

guys to recap there are a lot of players

complaining that the whole process is

too complicated to yd2 grindy in fact

this is a strategy before i end this

video i would like to show you a concept

called draining to put a simple draining

is the strategy or trick to drain away

your resources while giving you a very

precious item as a reward this concern

is implemented in almost all kinds of

games initially the purpose of draining

is control or prevent in-game inflation

especially games which involve love

economy activities and trading playing

games is very different from real life

because you can generate as many items

as you want or as much gold as you want

as long as you keep playing if you don't

drain away these resources the inflation

depreciation of gold and over flood

items in the market which slowly and

wrote the in-game economy

affect your gameplay experience cause

the ecosystem to loss is balanced and

collapse in the end from within Engram

fantasies case is a little bit different

since we don't have go and we can't Ray

but we do have a lot of different

currencies and resources like potions

pails JP's crystals and most importantly

as most players are young and fit we

have a lot time to waste this is why

endgame items always tend to have no a

drop read require more mats to craft and

more time to farm because they want to

drain away these resources and of course

your time veterans and all players

always complain that new players are

growing too fast and the mechanisms are

too easy for them to catch up but at the

same time they didn't realized that grim

fantasy is slowly draining away your

resources your life and your wallet no

matter how high is a rank you only have

24 hours just like everyone else

so the draining works on YouTube alright

that's all for today to me is kind of

fun to share these kind of concepts in

my video I hope you guys like it and

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