[HOW TO] Unlock Essential Phone Bootloader

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hey what's going on everyone

Chris back with another video and if you

own an essential phone this guide is for

you today we're gonna be going over how

to unlock the bootloader for the

essential phone this is gonna be

important if you want to flash t WRP

recovery if you want to install the

custom ROM if you want to flash a an

essential system image in case let's say

you're the install didn't go right or

you just don't want to wait for a an OTA

to come through this is what you're in

need to do so first we have to go down

to settings go to about phone and then

go down to build number and then tap on

this multiple times until you get to

notification that you are now a

developer I already am go back and then

we're going to go to developer options

and then we need to make sure that the

OEM unlocking tick box is turned on and

the next we need to go down to USB

debugging and make sure that is turned

on also now what we need to go ahead and

do is go over to our computer and we

need to make sure that your ADB fastboot

is set up it on your computer the

interface I've always used the minimal

ADB fastboot I'll leave the link where