How to calibrate the HPC 1200CMB "Blitz" without the Calibration kit

I will be calibrating this HPC blitz

machine which unfortunately is out of

calibration and we're gonna start with a

spacing first we're gonna have to adjust

the the tip stop spacing because every

time we change that we will mess up the

shoulder gauge so it's pretty


I code cut a key with a number 9 cut on

the third position using my best punch

which I know is accurate and I'm gonna

put it in with the B vise and usually I

believe you use the 90 M C cutter for

best this is the 1011 but it doesn't

matter because all the cutters have the

center in the same spot so as long as I

sent her in the middle part we should be

good and here we have card C 3 and no if

you look down there you can see the

cutter is perfectly in the center of the

cut and if you look right here the

spacing is off so we're gonna have to

fix that now the way we do that is we

have to move the carriage I believe to

the right and there are four set screws

holding it together there are two down

here and

back here there are also two so I'm

going to loosen these up okay

they're super loose to begin with that's

probably why it's off all right okay and

this is already starting to move without

the rod so now what I'm gonna do is I'm

going to dial it in I'm gonna line up

the cut I can see this properly

cut it breaks


okay believe I have lined up so the key

is perfectly lined up in the cut and the

needle double check here the needle is

perfectly on the number three yep and

now I'm just gonna go ahead and tighten

these one at a time without moving the


double-check yeah we're still aligned I

don't that is done we can move over and

adjust the shoulder stop we're gonna

turn the vise back around to the a we're

gonna use a factory pre-cut key and

we're just gonna pick any spot here

using the Schlage c-45 card and let's

see we have a relatively deep cut on the

number two I'm gonna dial it to the

number two and then line up

dial it to the number two space right

here and then I put it into the second

cut on the key and I haven't engaged the

shoulder gauge yet ones I know I'm in

the right spot I tighten it up and then

we're gonna okay with the shoulder

gauging yes looks like it's it's pretty

much dead on already let's just pretend

it's not the way you move this also very

simple there's a set screw turn so you

can see it right in here

and all you do is loosen that get out of

the way and then you can move this

bottom rod around and whenever you turn

it you move the shoulder gage oh no

that's completely off and I believe

right there a little further yeah right

there this is what I want it

yeah we're it barely touches but it's

not tight and then carefully tighten

this back up

I'm gonna double-check my spacing yep

and it's perfectly set all right now

we're going to go over to the debt and

that is also relatively simple we're

gonna take the CMMI micrometer card inch

edge off and I'm gonna be using

quick-set keys because they're nice and

flat at the bottom so we're not gonna

have any deviation from it turning and

it's much easier to measure with a

micrometer other keys I really don't

care about spacing so I'm just gonna

dial it somewhere and I'm gonna be

cutting the key to any known death

let's just go to


now cut two point three zero zero so if

I put this on here we should be

perfectly at zero and we are not we are

off by a lot by the 6002 adjust the

depth we loosen these two little set

screws here that are holding the top rod

in place that actuate s' the depth


don't make those all the way loose

because that gets difficult quickly and

our wrench fits right on the end here


now let's think so we were cutting too

deep so if we were cutting too deep I

believe up I'm just gonna do that right

now but I'm guessing here just gonna put

it back in like I really have to show

the gauge it because I'm just cutting

anywhere you gotta do the same thing

go to point three zero zero just

somewhere else

and see if I made it

okay and it looks like I moved it the

wrong way


you know get back to the other one

you can move to the right away just not

very far

okay and we are pretty much dead on and

I believe this is where I'm gonna leave

it I'm not gonna move it for I think I

think we might be 1,000 off or half a

thousands but I want to leave it right

here that's good enough

these machines are never gonna be as

accurate as the framing - unfortunately

anyway I hope this helped