How to Freeze and Unfreeze Credit Reports


I'm Eddie Janelle and I'm Tom Cannella

welcome everyone you were at the

mortgage brothers podcast show that's

right and today we are we're doing a

little how-to and then what we're

dealing with is how to freeze and

unfreeze your credit we know you're

driving home right now we're driving the

work thinking boy I really want to know

about freezing and unfreezing my credit

so so even though it's it's not as good

as a cup of orange juice or that cup of

coffee you're drinking it is something

that we know we all think about and in

today's day and age where everything is

becoming more and more automated whether

we like it or not everything is becoming

more password oriented and and techie

which means people can start seeing

things and accessing things that you

know that you don't want access and that

includes your credit that's right and

the most effective way and safest way to

actually you know keep your identity

safe your credits is to basically freeze

your credit and it's free mm-hmm it's

free with two bureaus okay everyone

there's three bureaus you all know most

of you know that there's three bureaus

the two bureaus that this is free with

is Equifax and TransUnion so what I'm

going to show you today is I'm going to

share a screen here and really this is

anyone who's listening to this on

podcasts really the best way to

participate in this is to actually go to

our YouTube channel the mortgage

brothers team and you'll search the

freezing credit or I'm freezing so

number one let's just start Tom by you

know showing them how to how to do this

okay okay you know you're gonna pull

something up on the screen yeah I'm

gonna I'm gonna share my screen right

now okay and so for all those drivers

that are like ding I don't have a screen

well we'll just talk intuitively enough

to where they can figure it out when

they go yeah that's for the stream that

that's correct so if you go to the

Equifax com website and you go under


the tab you will basically be able to

scroll down you can say you know place

or manager freeze okay so this is again

Equifax and TransUnion are free I'm

going to show you how to set these up

and they're very easy once you set these

up you can unfreeze your credit in 60

seconds or actually I mean literally a

maybe 30 seconds okay so what happens if

the borrower slash prospect slash

podcast listener saying well ed and Tom

that's only two of my three credit

reports you know credit bureaus what

what you know what about the third well

you couldn't you can't absolutely put a

freeze on that third one which is the

Experian which you can pay for but what

you and I were talking about before the

podcast was you know you really need to

have at least two bureaus to get

anything done in the credit world for

mortgages you need at least two

typically you need three but you

typically need only no use typically a

lot you need at least two so by by

freezing to for free

then even if someone did you know access

the Experian then they wouldn't be able

to apply for any credit so I thought you

and I had was it seems very practical

you can freeze for free unfreeze for

free let's just let our audience know

about that we just think it makes a lot

of sense that's right this is the

easiest way to do it and this is how I

do it and and you know I'm gonna show

you how to do it okay you're on Equifax

you go to personal you just scroll down

a little bit you'll see place or manager

freeze what you'll do is you'll come

down here and if you have never started

or created an account with Equifax you

would click on get started with the

freeze okay and you'd fill out all your

information all right and what will

happen is they'll set you up you'll have

a username and password all right and

then you'll so whenever you are and then

you'll whenever you're ready to go in

and manage you are free e your Equifax

account to freeze or unfreeze the next

time you come to Equifax

you will see this you're gonna come to

the same spot you'll see manager freeze

right so you'll click on that so so

instead of start a freeze yeah there's a

little button extra that says manage a

priest did that that's right and so

basically yeah that's right so what'll

happen is you actually log into your

account and I did it already so here's

here's actually what my account looks

like it doesn't show any is there some

like personal dad I work in like I was

looking at that I was like is there

anything in here that's everything in

here has very been they basically

there's nothing in here that will show

anything for you but it will show my

name but what else what I'll do is so I

just logged in it just took me literally

10 seconds to do it and you scroll down

and I can say here are wait where did I

see this Oh manager freeze click on that

button alright it takes to this page you

say I want to temporarily left a

security freeze this is so if someone's

applying for a mortgage you know the

mortgage is gonna last let's just say 30

days you couldn't lift it for 30 days

you can live in for a day if you want we

recommend lifting your credit through

the entire mortgage process and the

reason why we do that is because only do

we pull credit up front but also as we

near the end of the loan we end up doing

a credit refresh that's right and and

even a loan officer will sometimes you

know forget about that but you know

we'll get a ping from the underwriters

saying hey please reach out to your

borrowers we tried doing a credit

refresh and the you know the bureau's

are frozen again please let them know

and that'll just delay things so

typically unfreeze for a good 30 days

and that should get us covered that's

right so again you because again you do

not want to you want this credit freeze

everyone who's listening we want this

credit freeze to be easy you do not want

the credit freeze to be a pain a pain in

your life where every single time you go

and buy it buy something and get

financing you can't do it okay if it

takes too long if it takes longer than

I don't know a couple minutes to do it's

probably not worth doing in some cases

you know right I mean if you're a man

you have to figure out okay either gonna

do this or not

and everything to do it efficiently you

again you don't want this to jam up your

life and have it be a pain so again

that's why we're showing you this okay

so speaking of easy this is equifax

right yep okay is that a fact so you

scroll down here you click on temporary

lift a security freeze for a specific

date range and that's what we what

happens here is that you actually you

actually select the dates okay that just

punch in the dates you just put in the

dates you know you could say it's

arranged so it doesn't have to be today

or a number of days it's a date range

yeah okay and that's how easy it is and

it just will be you do it hit submit and

then that's that what would happen and

where it goes okay yeah so let me show

you how it works over at TransUnion

because that's the number that's the

second okay

again the second and the second free

Bureau right and you can lock all right

so we're going to come to the main page

TransUnion calm you're gonna go to under

credit help and click on credit freeze

so even if you haven't started an

account you still go to credit freeze

yes that's right so if you want to

freeze my credit again you would

actually create an account you would go

okay so you if you wanted to freeze or

unfreeze the first thing that would

happen if you didn't have an account it

would prompt you to create an account

you would have a username and password

and something else I forgot to mention

is that that they each of these

transunion and equifax will give you a

pin the pin is only if you're not using

if you want to unfreeze your credit or

freeze it by the phone or or mail hmm if

you don't have access to the internet or

you don't want to get on the internet or

you know and go onto these websites the

pin is what you is most important got it

okay there's but that's so so people

that have flip phones will probably need

a pin

that's right okay so okay so anyway I

would create my account like I've

already done

I would go to unfreeze or let's just say

I go to member login and let me do that

once I do it logs me in and I that I've

just logged into at the my TransUnion

account and I can remove the fries or

temporarily lift it of course the same

thing I'm going to temporarily

temporarily lift and I put in the dates

so just like Equifax gives me the dates

and I would go through the I would

continue I'm going to the continue

continue button and I would then submit

it and it's that easy so I can do that

in literally 30 seconds

so I don't actually have my credit

frozen it's it's what it's a hard

decision but you know probably thinking

about it or even you know obviously

watching this well III think you just

convinced me I'm gonna go do it yes so

someone says a no-brainer

that's right so let's just say you're

gonna go buy an appliance real get a

mortgage and you know that your credits

frozen hey you just you keep your

credentials safe peace again you want to

keep you your credentials really safe to

unlock your credit because you don't

want to make it extra easy for a hacker

but yeah Tom I'm glad I mean yeah this

is this is in it this is what I I think

everyone will benefit from is just

seeing these two yeah

perfect okay what else have we we've

forgotten let's see you know I will say

some of my borrowers have been on the

phone for a couple hours trying to

unfreeze their credit because they don't

know yeah right no login or you know

they log they forgot their Pinard let's

just say they don't they don't use the

online version and I'm trying to call in

and unfreeze their credit don't do it if

you have a if you're just trying to if

you want it if you won't have to call in

or mail in down freeze don't freeze your

credit you'll just be you be so unhappy

you did all right and for those that are

like curious for Whistler difference

between this and some type of credit

monitoring system this is in no way a

monitoring system this is simply you

kind of doing it yourself reaching out


to the three bureaus saying I want it

frozen why does it matter to freeze

because when someone takes your identity

and applies for a Best Buy

big screen like eighty five inch plasma

you know curved TV whatever they're

called they're gonna need to pull your

credit so so that's why you're simply

doing this if you're very sensitive

about identity theft there are programs

out there that can help you monitor and

set up certain alerts but this is kind

of a do it yourselfer yeah that that's

right I mean something I know that the

big one is like life lock or something

like that but you know we're not making

a recommendation for any one of these

companies but that's you know one of

those services those services out there

so anyway again you know what we're

showing you here again just as a

disclaimer we're not experts in credit

this is how we personally I have

personally done it why we wanted to

share it with you guys so this I hope it

helps yeah awesome all right you ready

Co today that's right then I go home

okay that's called a day folks thank you


all right thanks guys hey guys thanks

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