EDD Card: How to transfer money into your Checking Account.

today I'm going to show you how to

transfer your money from your EDD Bank

of America card into your checking

account so this is a letter that came

with my card when I first received it

transferring your money you may choose

to transfer some or all of your benefits

to your checking or savings account by

performing a direct deposit transfer

online at this website or by calling

Life customer service at this phone

number and I tried both ways I was on

hold with this phone number for 37

minutes and I just gave up and I hung up

and I tried on this website and this was

a lot quicker so I'm gonna recommend

that you go to the website here

WW bankofamerica.com slash e DD card and

you're going to go ahead and register

you're going to enter all the

information they asked you such as your

card number the number on the back

you're also going to need your checking

account information the account that you

want to transfer your money into and I

made a little cheat sheet because they

weren't specifically showing for those

of you just to help you out first you'll

enter say this is your check right here

and they're going to ask you first to

enter your account number so that's

going to be these numbers here that are

to the right of these numbers so you'll

enter your account number and then

you'll enter your routing number which

are the numbers on the left and you

don't need to worry about the check

number this is this is a check number

which is the same as this number you

don't need to put that okay so after you

you set that up then you'll be able to

transfer your money and so I'm logged in

right now to to the website

bankofamerica.com slash EDD card and so

you're gonna go to this menu box here on

the right press that and then over here

you're going to go to my money you'll

click on that and then you're going to

go right here to transfers and you'll

click on that and then okay so here

they're telling you that the funds may

take up to two business days for the

transfer and they're also telling you

down here that it may take up to three

business days but I've already did a

chance for last week and for a couple

weeks ago when I got my first payment

and the transfer actually went through

later that same day that I did the

transfer so I didn't have to wait two or

three days so you don't really need to

worry too much about waiting two or

three days as long as you're doing it on

a weekday

okay so alright so down below I have

available balance here which I'm going

to enter how much I want to transfer for

one-time transfer

the first time when I set it up I set it

up for I selected for a reoccurring

transfer but the money hasn't

transferred automatically yet I I think

it might be set up for once a month and

it's been less than a month so I'm just

going to go ahead and do the one-time

transfer and I'm going to enter the

amount here

and okay so I entered the amount here

and it's showing below that I just don't

want to show my personal information is

showing that it's going to transfer into

my checking account which I've already

entered those numbers when I registered

and and then below that you just hit

transfer okay and then here on this page

you're going to review and submit so

it's showing my transfer amount the fee

there's no fee associated and then it

shows more information the the card

number that it's transferring from and

then below that it shows my checking

account number that it's going to go

into and then you just agree to the

terms and services click the little box

below and click continue

okay and then here I have this little

green box with the green check you have

successfully successfully submitted your

funds transfer request and it is being

processed so that's when you know you're

done and you were successful and they're

also giving you a reminder that this may

take up to two business days and then

down below

it's that same message that the transfer

may take up to three business days but

like I said don't worry too much about


because I already did a transfer one

time and the money actually did go

through when I checked back later on

that night the money did transfer into

my checking account the same night so I

didn't have to wait two or three days

okay and that's all there is to it it's

pretty easy and I highly recommend that

you do this also because that way you

won't have to it'll be more convenient

than having to use this card and me I'm

just keeping my card at home I don't

want to make any special trips to Bank

of America to use their ATM I don't want

to take any chances of getting charged

their fees or $1.00 out of network fees

and any of their other fees I just want

to avoid Bank of America card fees as

much as possible okay and make sure you

don't lose your card because if you do

they're going to charge you they're

going to charge you for a replacement


replacement card express delivery $10

okay all right

happy transferring