How to Unlock Ergo Suitcase With Combination + How To Change Lock Number

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everyone well today I was going to show

you how to unlock a suitcase that you

might have forgotten the combination to

I actually just bought this one from an

op shop and well I'm gonna have to

figure out what the combination is to

get it open so let me show you how it's


now what you're going to need for this

is some paper some fairly sort of hard

paper something like a post-it note sort

of thickness it's probably best for the

job and all you need to do is stick the

piece of paper down inside here and just

run it across whatever is inside and

you'll feel that it's sort of a roundish

shape and that's not what you want to

feel so you want to twist it once again

no that's still round that's still

around that's still around

oh here that that's got a definite like

divot in it and well the reason I've got

so many bits of papers cuz you really

want that sharp edge and also when you

are doing it it only works on one side

so there's definitely an edge there on

the 9 but if I went on this side I

wouldn't feel it so it's only on one

side so I was probably on the left side

of the numbers probably but there's